Double call: optional or included in which packages?

The double call function is present in many packages although the specifics vary according to the providers. Some may also offer call waiting as a chargeable option. Here is a reminder of the double call procedures for some of our mobile operators favourites.

Double call, a practical function for professionals

Double call is a feature that allows you to have two telephone conversations simultaneously. This allows you to be sure not to miss an important call, especially when you spend a lot of time on the phone or want to chat with several people in a professional context. The double call is signaled by a beep, it is then possible to answer the new caller by pausing the conversation in progress without it being charged.

The double call function is not necessarily included in all packages and although it is enabled by default on most recent smartphonesyou may need to perform a manual activation.

Double call: included in the packages of the majority of operators

It is quite rare that the consultation call function is not included in a mobile phone plan. Whether at Free, Prixtel, Orange, Bouygues Telecom or SFR, it is possible to receive a double call without paying extra but under variable conditions:

  • At Orange, all customers can make two simultaneous calls at no additional cost. These communications are subject to the same terms and conditions as normal calls.
  • At SFR, it is present but it is not always enabled by default. To accept a double call, you will have to go to your customer account under My offer and My phone, activate it and wait a few hours before you can use it.
  • At Bouygues, double calling is included in all mobile plans, even with a B&You plan, but check that the option is activated. It is also present for the fixed lines of all Bbox Bouygues Telecom offers which include telephone communications.

Plans with paid double call function

Some non-binding packages most often do not offer free double calls. To prevent your interlocutor from falling on your answering machine, you will have to add a few euros to your bill.

This is particularly the case with RED by SFR, which offers the double call option at €2 per month without commitment with the possibility of termination at any time free of charge.

This option is also not available for all NRJ Mobile plans such as the basic Woot plans. It will be necessary to subscribe to it for 1 € more per month. As these additional costs are not negligible, it is important to be well informed when subscribing to your package, especially if it is intended for professional use!

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Double call: optional or included in which packages?

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