Discover the promotion of La Poste Mobile: the iPhone 14 at 900€!

Christmas is fast approaching… So why not take advantage of this opportunity to treat yourself to the iPhone 14 at the advantageous price of €900? Yes, with La Poste Mobile, you benefit from a €50 discount after your purchase, for any subscription to the 100GB non-binding package at €14.99! In this article, we present to you in detail this promotional offer as well as the characteristics of the new iPhone 14!

A timely promotional offer

The operator La Poste Mobile is putting forward a promotional offer on the occasion of the approaching end-of-year celebrations… Something to have fun with the new iPhone 14 Midnight 128GB 5G ! The latter is priced at 900€ if you subscribe to the 100GB package at €14.99 per month – non-binding package that we present to you in the last part of this article. You will then receive, after the purchase of this iPhone 14, a discount of 50€!

The payment of the 950€ can be done in one go or in four installments if this is preferable with regard to your budget. Thus, you will pay four monthly installments of €237.50. This split payment service is provided by django and will not be subject to any additional charges.

The iPhone 14 at 900€: a high quality smartphone

The new iPhone 14 seduces all lovers of the apple brand and more! Larger and brighter than its predecessors, it imposes with its Super Retina XDR display 6.1 inches. In addition to its elegant design and its resistance to water, the materials used are qualitative and resistant: a screen in Ceramic Shielda device in aerospace grade aluminum.

This mobile also seeks excellence in order to obtain the best shots and videos, even when the lighting conditions are not favorable. Indeed, its new main lens like its ultra wide-angle offers improved photo quality and image processing 2 to 2.5 times better! In addition, the iPhone 14 allows you to browse the web and watch your videos with complete peace of mind thanks to its more efficient A15 chip and its battery which has a long battery life (up to 20 hours of video playback).

At the cutting edge of technology, if you are the victim of a road accident, this little gem from the Apple brand will be able to automatically call for help and even inform your emergency contacts.

So why choose La Poste Mobile to buy your smartphone? In addition to the discount it offers you, the latter lends you a mobile in case of loss or theft. You can also rely on a team of advisors if needed; in person at some 7,500 post offices, by telephone 6 days a week or even online on the operator’s official website. La Poste Mobile brings together 2 million customers, trust has gradually increased, especially with their 10 years of expertise!

The 100GB package at €14.99

Available on the SFR network, the mobile phone plan proposed for this operation is the 100GB offer at 14.99€ per month or at €12.99 per month for subscribers who have subscribed to an SFR Box at the post office. You will be able, with this limited series, to enjoy 100GB in mainland France to surf the net and opt for 5G in order to optimize your navigation. This option will cost the additional sum of 5€ per month.

When traveling through the European Union and overseas departments, you will have 15GBthe use of which will be deducted from your global data envelope.

You will be able to enjoy the unlimited to communicate without counting everywhere within the European Union – DOM and Metropolitan France included.

Finally, without obligation, you will have the possibility of terminating your subscription at any time and at no cost to you.

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Discover the promotion of La Poste Mobile: the iPhone 14 at 900€!

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