Discover Amplifon’s Listen Responsibly mobile app

The audioprosthetist brand Amplifon is continuing its awareness-raising mission with the launch of the free Listen Responsibly app. It allows us to become aware of the noise pollution that surrounds us and thus protect our hearing. With the Listen Responsibly application, Amplifon is competing for the second edition of the Prix Pleine Vie in the Home category.

Pervasive noise pollution

Taking care of your hearing is essential, however it is not always easy to protect yourself from noise pollution. It is omnipresent, sometimes in our workplace, but also in our home. Many French people are bothered by noise, including in their own homes – a phenomenon to which city dwellers are particularly exposed. Noise can come from outside (nearby road or rail traffic, road or garden work, neighborhood noise, etc.), but also from our activities or our own home (use of a lawnmower, a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, etc.).

Exposing yourself to noise that is too loud (more than 90 db), for too long or too frequently, can have irreversible consequences on your hearing or your health.

What noises are harmful to our hearing? When should we be careful and protect ourselves? So many questions that can be easily answered through the application Listen Responsibly.

Become aware of the noise around us and its dangers

Ampliphonan audioprosthetist specializing in hearing, has developed the application Listen Responsibly to help us become aware of daily noise pollution and assess the dangerousness of the noises around us to preserve our hearing capital. Its aim is to raise awareness and educate people about “responsible listening”.

The application, free and accessible to all, can be downloaded directly from the App Store and the Google Play Store, it is intended for all smartphone owners (iPhones and mobiles running Android). As soon as he wishes and wherever he is, the user can launch a noise measurement. The sound level is then raised in about fifteen seconds. With each measurement, we can thus know whether the environment in which we find ourselves is considered calm or noisy, or even harmful. If the measurement exceeds the recommended decibel levels, the application alerts the user and provides them with explanations and advice to protect their hearing.

The Listen Responsibly application is also intended to be fun: with each measurement taken, the user gains “experience points” until they become an ambassador of responsible listening. It is also possible to consult the measurements carried out throughout the world, with their location. You can also search by type of place (bar, restaurant, etc.), or even by sound level. These functions are useful to avoid choosing a restaurant that is too noisy, for example, or to choose a quiet and relaxing place to walk.

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Discover Amplifon’s Listen Responsibly mobile app

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