Creative arts – On the Internet or in the urban area of ​​Chartres, five homemade gift ideas to offer for Christmas

In these times of inflation and the desire to consume differently, homemade products are back in fashion. No need to be a great artist or an expert in the manual arts to make Christmas gifts with your ten fingers, original and at reasonable prices.

Many ideas are available on the Internet for all prices and all levels, from beginners to experts. But it is also possible to find the material and the advice necessary for the realization of his work, in the Chartres conurbation.

Our three favorites of the Chartres Christmas market


A star-shaped necklace and earrings; a pearl bracelet… costume jewelry is a great classic of creative hobbies. For a few tens of euros, it is possible to make an adornment with a neck chain and stainless steel earring supports. Or beaded bracelets on an elastic thread base.

The CréAttitude creative leisure store in Barjouville offers all the necessary equipment and advice from its sales associates to help beginners. We choose the patterns, the beads, the rings, the clasps… all the elements which, once assembled, will form a unique jewel. “In less than an hour, it’s done,” says Lucie Honoré, the store’s co-manager.

The only investment is the purchase of jewelry pliers to tighten the rings or crush the beads. Then just slip your creation into a small bag (€1.30) or a gift box (€2) and put everything under the tree.

A scented candle or soap

Again, all the ingredients are available at CréAttitude, in kits or individually. For a scented candle, we buy wax, dyes, scents, molds and a wick. We melt, we mix, we put the wick and let it cool. In less than an hour, it’s ready. There are kits starting at €20, but buying them individually is more economical.

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For a soap, the process is almost the same. The first price mold (in the shape of a rectangle) is €2.50; it costs €7 for three fancy moulds. The colored soap paste, which melts in the microwave, costs €3.75. You can then add dyes and scents. All you have to do is wrap it nicely.

A drawing or photo to frame

This is the gift that will please grandparents, uncles, aunts, godfathers or godmothers. A simple frame with mat (a beveled cardboard to position on the subject to be framed) highlights the class photos. You can find them for €12 in 13×18 format in the CréAttitude store.

Budding artists will be able to make a beautiful drawing that will easily find a frame. The most experienced can give free rein to their talents as a painter or watercolourist, and offer their work framed… and signed!

A mini recipe kit

To impress the recipient of this gourmet and inexpensive gift, everything depends on the choice of the recipe and the presentation. In a washed jar of jam or an empty jar, place the necessary ingredients for chocolate cookies, brownies, an apple crumble… Close the filled jar and decorate with a pretty colored ribbon from which we hang a label with the steps of the recipe, copied out in his finest handwriting.

For brownies, for example, you can place successively in a 750 ml pot, so as to create layers, 180 ml of unbleached all-purpose flour, 1 ml of salt, 75 ml of cocoa, 180 ml of brown sugar, 125 ml sugar and 115 g dark chocolate, finely chopped.

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On the label, the steps of the recipe will be written: to prepare brownies, add 125 ml (½ cup) of water, 125 ml (½ cup) of canola oil and two eggs. Mix with a whisk until the mixture is homogeneous. Pour into a buttered 20cm square mold lined with a strip of parchment paper. Bake in the center of the oven for 35 to 40 minutes at 170°C until a toothpick inserted in the center of the brownie comes out with lumps. Let cool completely. Unmold and cut into sixteen squares (recipe found on

A wool snood or scarf

It’s in season and with the advice of Marie Bricault, it’s impossible not to succeed in knitting a pretty woolen accessory. The young woman, who a few months ago created her website Les deux meshes ensemble, offers kits that include the balls and the explanations necessary for making a very soft snood, a garter stitch scarf , a simple rib beanie or an English rib headband for the more experienced.

Several colors are available for each kit, sold at the price of €19.90 (for the snood or the headband) and €24.90 for the hat or the scarf. Attention ! needles are not included.

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Beginners will choose the garter stitch scarf, knitted with large straight needles (No. 9) and which can be finished in just under a week if you devote time to it each day. The snood can be made in one evening, with circular needles (an ideal first project for those who already know how to knit). The beanie and the headband require a little more experience.

Even if it only has one online site (, Marie Bricault proposes to deliver in front of the town hall of Luisant or in another place of the agglomeration near Chartres by appointment. She also leaves her contact details in each kit to be able to provide all the necessary advice to knitters who need help. “I can even send links to videos. »

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Creative arts – On the Internet or in the urban area of ​​Chartres, five homemade gift ideas to offer for Christmas

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