Controversy on social networks: what is the Occitan cross doing among far-right symbols?

The “Indextreme” website set fire to the powder by publishing symbols used or even hijacked by the far right. Next to the swastika, we find the Occitan cross. Many Internet users say they are dismayed and question the classification made by this new site.

It’s a brand new website, left-wing, and it’s a good publicity stunt! The journalists, founders of the site, Indextreme, inventoried the various symbols used by the extreme right. In all, 80 symbols are screened and listed in 12 categories. Result: the swastika alongside the Occitan cross or the cross of Lorraine. And that’s not for everyone!

“Indextreme” is presented as a tool which aims to understand, in the French context, the symbols used and diverted by the extreme right.

On its home page, the site specifies that the purpose of this classification is to Publicize the graphic symbols reappropriated by the far right in France“.

It is important to remember that the origin of a large number of the symbols present on this site is not fascist. We invite you to read their story.

It is therefore a question of symbols “used” and “reappropriateds”. Crosses and other symbols, if they are presented on the same page, are not necessarily associated. But many Internet users were indignant at this classification.

On twitter, the reactions are numerous, like this Internet user who believes that we should “disband all these extreme left militias“.

Symbols are listed in 12 categories. There are sentences, numbers, acronyms and of course, crosses. Among the 9 crosses represented: the Occitan cross. Next to each cross, an explanation. Following the controversy, the site was in contact with several associations based in Occitania. This made it possible to change the explanatory text of the Occitan cross.

It has been reappropriated by the far right, in particular by becoming the badge of the Ligue du midi. This Occitan cross is unfortunately diverted and used by the militant group Languedoc nationalist… The Occitan flag has been spotted several times in the demonstrations of Generation Identity. In 2021, in Toulouse, during a demonstration against the health pass, around 40 far-right activists attacked the head of the procession. One of the fascist militants carried a flag with the Occitan cross.

As explained on the site, several nationalist groups use the Occitan cross. This is the case of the Ligue du midi which presents itself as “a movement of broad identity, patriot and citizen gathering which brings together women and men aware of the decline of their country and committed to stemming its decadence“.

At the beginning of movement of yellow vestsit was not uncommon to find members of far-right groups flying a flag with the Occitan cross.

The Occitan Cross, characterized by its twelve bubbles or cheekbonesappears from the second half of the 11th century on the coats of arms of the Counts of Toulouse. Under the old regime, it was the emblem of states of Languedoc.

The Occitan Cross is present today on many coats of arms or logos of regions, cities, organizations and associations of Occitan countries, between Italy and Catalonia.

Its origins are uncertain and its meanings would be various: solar, zodiacal, even esoteric.

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Controversy on social networks: what is the Occitan cross doing among far-right symbols?

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