Classical music: increasingly popular, according to Epidemic Sound

Jan 3, 2023

Classical music would be the musical genre that showed the strongest growth in 2022, according to Epidemic Sound’s annual report. Among other content on the Internet, this fourth art now seems to attract many young people on social networks, and more particularly on YouTube.

Classical music: what prompted the renewed interest in this musical genre?

But what explains this sudden resurgence of interest in the works of Mozart, Beethoven and even Schubert? Already, the expression “classical music” itself refers to the idea of ​​non-contemporaneity. If the works of this musical repertoire have survived the ages, this is not the case for certain songs which remain attached to a certain era.

This musical genre also has the advantage of conveying many emotions, which makes its pieces essential. This is also why many creators use it as a soundtrack for their content on social networks. According to the “Sound of the Internet” report, the classical music is used in humorous and educational videos, but also in news or fashion videos. Today, a large playlist allows music lovers to listen to classical music of all genres: philharmonic orchestra, concerto, operas, quartet, etc.

Epidemic Sound: Swedish composers are among the most popular on YouTube

Classical music usage on YouTube grew 90% in past 12 months, report saysEpidemic Sound. The music Classical would therefore be the musical genre that showed the strongest growth on social networks in 2022. As a reminder, Epidemic Sound is a Swedish company that offers easy access to more than 35,000 royalty-free works.

Great composers and musicians like Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen and Hampus Naeselius have particularly benefited from this enthusiasm for classical music. In addition, the Swedes are among the classical music composers with the most tracks used in YouTube videos this year, according to Epidemic Sound. Note that Trevor Kowalski, Megan Wofford and Franz Gordon are also on the list of great interpreters of contemporary classical music. They are followed by millions of members on social networks.

Instrumentalists playing classical music
Classical music would be the fastest growing music genre among internet content in 2022, according to Epidemic Sound’s annual report. Photography cyano66 / Getty Images©

The craze for this type of musical content is also spreading on TikTok

This renewed interest in classical music is not just about Youtube. Indeed, the success of this musical genre is also confirmed on TikTok, the favorite app of the young generation. Evidenced by the hashtag #classicalmusic which now has more than 2.3 billion followers on theapplication. Classical music was even used by musician Ibrahim Maalouf in one of his rehearsal videos.

While this abuse may offend purists, it has the merit of encouraging young TikTok users to explore a musical genre often considered “has-been”. It should be noted that it was during the Covid crisis that the under 35s turned massively to classical music. Their consumption increased by 17% between April 2019 and April 2020, according to a study conducted by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The digital short video platform released a large collection of titles on the Internet

TikTok is fully aware of this great interest around classical music. In August, the platform partnered with Warner Classics to release a collection of the most-listened to tracks by its millions of users. What sets them apart is that they have all been redesigned by the German symphony orchestra Babelsberg Film Orchestra.

Finally, the classical music strengthens its presence on social networks by constantly renewing its musical repertoire in the hope of attracting a younger audience. By now, classical music seems to have served its purpose on social media sites and specifically on YouTube. As proof, young musicians (violinist, pianist, guitarist, etc.), instrumentalists, singers and influencers are beginning to take an interest in it.

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Classical music: increasingly popular, according to Epidemic Sound

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