Cheaper than cheap: our selection of boxes at low prices

Goodbye 2022, hello 2023, but the horizon is not very happy on the financial side: the price at the pump continues to flirt with 2€ per litre, this month of January marks the end of the cap on energy costs, and everyone was able to realize the barely sustainable inflation on food products. In short, the key word for this new year will undoubtedly be “savings” !

Fortunately, Araise is here to help you reduce your spending budget associated with your plans mobile telephony and Internet access. In effect, our comparator lists more than a hundred offers from 15 different operators, to be sorted by price, service offer, suppliers… cheap Internet offers for this fall, and do not hesitate to consult our various tests and opinions concerning them. And here is a selection of 3 entry-level offers to help you, more or less extensive in terms of services and content.

The Bbox Fit: tiny price, minimal service, but Bouygues quality

It is Bouygues Telecom’s entry-level : the Bbox Fit is displayed only €15.99 per month for the first year, but beware, the price doubles from the 13th month. Fortunately, the commitment is only for one year. During this time, you will benefit from the cheapest fiber subscription currently available. But at this price, expect a reduced range of services, although sufficient for daily use:

  1. Unlimited calls in France on landlines only (And that’s a shame ! )
  2. Unlimited calls to more than 110 countriesand to mobiles on a case-by-case basis (on the contrary, it’s rather generous! )
  3. Internet speed of 400 Mbps (this is Bouygues Telecom’s slowest box) with a wifi box 5
  4. and also a free Wi-Fi diagnosis from the dedicated application, in order to best place the box in your home to enjoy it everywhere.
  5. NO television ! Neither decoder, nor access to the application, nor even the possibility of optional access with a tariff supplement: a confusing strategic choice, if we forget that there are many ways of watch television differently on your screens.

SFR Starter: a complete offer for less than 20 euros

“In the Box SFR family, I ask for the little girl!”. The SFR Starter Box is displayed slightly more expensive than the previous one the first year: 18 euros monthly, which become 38 euros after one year, if you wish to continue beyond your commitment. It will not offer you unlimited calls to mobiles either, contenting itself with landlines in France and more than 100 countries abroad. Its speed is a little better than the Bbox Fit, announced at 500 Mbpsand its connection in WiFi 5 is identical. On the contrary, a repeater is available as an option (recommended for large homes).

The big, and even the huge difference with the previous package, which in our opinion largely justifies the 2 euros extra cost per month, this is the tv offer :

  1. a TV decoder is provided, 4K-capable
  2. for free access to almost 160 channels and the app
  3. but no streaming services includednot even in discovery mode “on trial”

The Sosh Box: the TV as an option

To be fair, here is an available offer on the Orange network: the Sosh boxwhich is in fact a Livebox 5. Like its competitors, this low-cost formula offers an unlimited telephony offer to destinations fixed only, to France and internationally. In terms of speed, Sosh is content with 300 Mb/s, which makes it the slowest connection in our comparison of fiber offers. But unlike the previous ones, it leaves you the choice:

  1. that of stopping your subscription at any time: it is a non-binding offer, but its price increases by 10 euros the 2nd year
  2. the choice of television or not : the Ultra HD 4K decoder is available as an option (+5€) to access 140 television channels, and streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video.

Conclusion : the Bbox Fit has the best value for money for those who simply want to surf and call on a daily basis, smoothly. It will not be suitable for gamers, nor for downloading large files, nor for fans of films and series. The SFR Starter will satisfy the whole family, and additional savings can be made on SFR mobile plans. As for Sosh, his strength lies above all in his “non-binding” contract. Convenient if you like to change operator to have better or cheaper, or if you move frequently!

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Cheaper than cheap: our selection of boxes at low prices

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