Celine Dion unrecognizable in ultra low-waisted jeans: the video that captivates the Web like never before

Celine Dion concerts canceled or postponed

It all starts, in 2021, with a message posted on social networks: I feel terrible for letting them down, and I’m especially sorry to disappoint all the fans who had planned to come to Las Vegas. Now, I have to focus on my health to get better as soon as possible… I want to get out of this as soon as possible.” confided the singer on her social networks. A message that leaves plenty of room for interpretation. But what is it suffering from the singer to the point that it takes her away from what she loves most, the stage?

We ignore it. Several elements come out in the press, but nothing really concrete. And the cancellations continue. While her European fans were impatiently waiting for her to come and perform her greatest hits, the tour is once again postponed (covid-19 having already been there, it’s not the first time).

Celine Dion: Her sister Claudette wants to reassure the fans

Finally, it is his sister Claudette who breaks the silence. First, she indicates that no one in Céline’s entourage is worried ” because if it had been extremely serious, we would know it » . She thus justifies the communication around the health of the star: “ The discourse is not not to speak about it, because it is more serious than one hears it: that is not the discourse. We know she’s good surroundedshe’s smart, and we’re not worried » .

Obviously, impossible for fans to be satisfied with such information. They then discuss on social networks, exchange hypotheses, theories. Some believe that she is simply suffering from side effects from the Pfizer vaccine, she who encouraged everyone to get vaccinated against covid-19. Antivax are using these rumors to fuel their bass theory consequences what the vaccine would have on the human body.

But relatives unite to say the same thing. Celine Dion has been working for years, without really resting. Today, his body makes him understand that he can no longer continue like this and forces him to rest. ” I think she pushed a little hard and that his muscles speak to him. Céline wants to give more than the machine allows her (…) This isn’t the first time this has happened to him. She needs to take short days off, learn to listen to herself and not push her machine too hard.. “says Claudette.

It’s obviously sad for all the fans who dream of seeing her, but probably for the best. We must not forget, moreover, that she was enormously weakened by the death of her husband, René, and that her son, René-Charles, refused to be her manager, which also saddened her enormously. .

A souvenir video that touches the fans

The singer’s Instagram account continues to be fed. It is on social networks that she expresses herself, shares the latest news concerning the concerts which must take place… and also shares photos and videos to please the fans.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cult song I’m Alive, she shared images taken during the recording of the clip. Behind-the-scenes videos that immerse us directly in another stage, a year when low-rise jeans were in fashion.

It was 20 years ago this month, when Celine was filming the official video for the song ” I’m Alive”, so much fun! Recently, this video hit the 300 MILLION views mark on @Youtube ! Thanks to all of you who watched it…probably more than once!“, she wrote to accompany the video. We’re sure fans are nostalgically diving into these images and remembering that moment when the song, which quickly becomes a hit all over the worldwent out.

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Celine Dion unrecognizable in ultra low-waisted jeans: the video that captivates the Web like never before

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