Carcassonne: every morning, he hosts a channel dedicated to video games on the internet

Suffering from a serious disease impacting his joints, Stéphane Linéros came out of his isolation by becoming Grandpa Stream: in one year, he gathered around him a faithful and benevolent community following live the game sessions of Carcassonnais… which don’t hesitate to talk about his disability either.

He was a cook, delivery man, graphic designer… Stéphane Linéros had a rich and varied professional life, but everything stopped dead ten years ago when his body began to hurt him. Very bad. In 2015, the diagnosis falls: Stéphane suffers from ankylosing spondylitis. “It is a chronic inflammation of the joints, characterized by painful outbreakshe explains. Sometimes the joints just stiffen up and I can’t move for a while.”. A severe handicap which is also not without effect on his health (“I lost 40 kg in two years”) and his social life. Limited in his mobility, Stéphane ends up finding himself isolated at home. Fortunately, the man was going to open a new window of escape, and above all of sharing.

It turns out that by his own admission, Stéphane has always been a little “nerd” and “geek” on the edges. The nerd is the computer enthusiast who is always ready to tweak computers and try his hand at programming, while the geek manifests a boundless passion for pop culture in general and video games in particular. From 2007, the person concerned thus combined these two facets and launched himself on youtube, notably presenting demonstrations of video games created from scratch. He hit the mark in 2013 by coding a clone of the racing game Super Mario Kart, in which one of the protagonists is none other than… Cyril Hanouna. The host will show the video on C8, in his famous show.

I always wonder how people land on my channel

“Hypershy”Stéphane found his account until then by staying “hidden” behind his playful creations. But at the beginning of 2021, he decided to do violence to himself and enter the light of streaming… another Anglicism 2.0 meaning, roughly, “real-time dissemination of information on the internet”. In this case, the Carcassonnais films himself playing video games: any Internet user can watch him live, comment, or even sometimes join him in his game. Online, Stéphane then becomes “Papy Stream”… nickname chosen because he is in his fifties. 52 years old: an age that may indeed seem canonical within a practice whose followers are mainly (very) young adults. But now, the grandpa in question belongs to this generation born with the first video games: they accompanied him at each stage of his life … until this one.

Every morning, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., Stéphane hosts his channel grandpastream_tv on the Twitch platform. To date, 1,200 people accompany him on his video game adventures. “I always wonder how people land on my channelhe confides. French, Belgians, but also many Canadians! In addition to the fact that the host lets her choose the game she wants to discover, this growing community, called “team café” given the schedule, is undoubtedly also affected by the sincerity of the man at the microphone. Because in truth, it is about much more than video games: acceptance, tolerance and sharing.

Looking for a local audience

“I told them straight away about my situation, relating to my illness. They know that to log on at 7 a.m., I have to wake up at 4 a.m. because I have to take the time to ”work out” my joints. . They also know that my morning coffee can be doubled by a shot of morphine, or even that I sometimes stream sitting in my wheelchair. But all these people encourage me, they are incredibly caring with me. ” Stéphane knows it: he is no longer alone, no longer at all isolated. United, this community demonstrates the benefit of coming together around the same passion, regardless of differences. Very touched by the support of these hundreds of aficionados whom he managed to unite around him, Grandpa takes it upon himself to dream of growing up enough to become “Twitch Partner”, which would allow him to live off his mornings. While waiting for this consecration, he would immediately like to be followed by Carcassonnais or Audois … for the moment to absent subscribers. “The closest person is from Bordeaux!” Despite fiber, information sometimes travels less quickly close to home… Never mind: as much of a gamer as he is, Grandpa Stream has excluded “game over” from his vocabulary.

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Carcassonne: every morning, he hosts a channel dedicated to video games on the internet

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