“Can you calm down?”: Le Foll’s exit against Rousseau highly commented on social networks

By asking the environmental candidate to “calm down” during a debate on the legislative elections, the former socialist minister has drawn the wrath of many Internet users who saw it as a sexist remark.

A little sentence that does not pass. During a debate organized on France 2 on the occasion of the evening of the first round of the legislative elections on Sunday evening, the PS mayor of Le Mans Stéphane Le Foll asked the candidate of Nupes Sandrine Rousseau to “calm down”. This release, far from having gone unnoticed, was widely commented on on social networks, and qualified as sexist by many Internet users, while Sandrine Rousseau is herself known for her feminist positions.

Sunday evening, while the former Minister of Agriculture of François Hollande and the former candidate for the environmentalist primary exchanged vehemently on their conception of the left during a debate devoted to the legislative elections, the tone rose.

“If you really want us to take the turn of the energy transition, come! Otherwise, assume the fact of being liberal too! Really, we have no time to waste on this today”, thundered the ecologist.

“Don’t make lawsuits like that, Mrs. Rousseau. You are used to doing that. If you say that I am a liberal, am I going to tell you that you are on the far left and we are going to move the debate forward?”, cut it several times Stéphane Le Foll.

The Foll cropped on set

“Can you calm down?”, Then launched the mayor of Le Mans, looking visibly annoyed.

But the remonstrance does not pass on the set. The mayor is quickly reframed by journalist Anne-Sophie Lapix. “You don’t say ‘you can calm down’, we are respectful on this set”, recalled the presenter.

“I let the spectators appreciate the accuracy of this remark”, then slipped Sandrine Rousseau, before resuming the thread of her remarks.

“Old Macho”

Qualified in turn as a “misogynist fool”, “old macho” or even “paternalist”, the socialist takes for his rank on social networks. “It’s up to you to calm down Stéphane Le Foll”, launches a surfer, when others compare him to Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior who had also asked BFMTV journalist Apolline de Malherbe to “calm down” during an interview, assuring him that “it (was) going to be fine”.

“Stéphane Le Foll, Darmanin, same fight”, annoys a twittos. “Always so classy, ​​Stéphane le Foll has just done a Gérald Darmanin”, says another.

Many Internet users have also sent messages of support to the Nupes candidate in Paris, judging that she should receive an “apology” from the minister.

For many tweeters, Stéphane Le Foll’s speech illustrates the difficulty for women to be listened to and taken seriously regardless of the responsibilities they bear. “It really poses a problem when a woman wants to speak and impose herself in a debate”, summarizes one of them.

The Foll assumes

Others, less numerous, prefer to defend the former minister. “If it was her who had said that, no one would have said anything”, assures a user.

This is also the case of Cédric Ardouin, departmental coordinator of young socialists. “Stéphane has already said the same sentence to men. Quite sad to accuse comrades of sexism when this is not the case”, he believes.

Seeing the many reactions to his exit, the former minister decided to defend himself and denounced an “aggressiveness” on the side of Nupes.

“When you want to govern you have to know how to keep your nerves,” he assumes.

The mayor of Le Mans had opposed the agreement between La France insoumise, the Socialist Party, Europe Ecology – The Greens and the Communist Party for the legislative elections.

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“Can you calm down?”: Le Foll’s exit against Rousseau highly commented on social networks

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