Call of Duty, NOVA Legacy… Here is the selection of FPS mobile games!

Game News Call of Duty, NOVA Legacy… Here is the selection of FPS mobile games!

Like every week, we meet to talk about mobile, but not only. This little special moment allows us to come together around a small theme and today it’s online FPS on mobile phones. Such a small screen can now run games that require a minimum of precision. Let’s rediscover together the best of the genre!

Modern Strike Online: FPS

Let’s start our selection with a pure and hard FPS. Modern Strike Online: FPS is the closest thing to CSGO-style shooters. Very complete, it has 7 game modes, 41 cards and around twenty characters. It is quite addictive with the daily rewards and the ability to upgrade a myriad of weapons. Any profane player of the genre or even video games in general will be able to familiarize themselves with this FPS as its handling is extremely simple. With many players and regular updates, Modern Strike Online: FPS is a very successful and beloved mobile game.

Guns of Boom

Fast, dynamic and colorful with graphics in a cartoon style, Guns of Boom has distinguished itself from other FPS on mobile. Your character is unique with the many available customizations, equipment and special abilities. Very easy to learn for beginners, it is also an ideal title for competitive players. with a mode specially designed for e-sport: the Pro Play Mode. Captivating for both beginners and experts of the genre, Guns of Boom is a particularly effective FPS.

World War Heroes

World War Heroes is an FPS that takes place in the middle of World War II. In 7 historical battlefields, you will fight and pilot military vehicles from different countries. Machine guns, assault rifles or even handguns, you will be spoiled for choice with the fifty weapons available. Very inspired by the first games of Call of DutyWorld War Heroes will appeal all the more to players accustomed to this license.

We talked about it before, so here it is: Call of Duty: Mobile. Needless to say, if you already enjoy the license, this mobile game will meet your expectations. Officially released in 2019, this game won over fans. Its accessibility and its excellent graphics for the mobile platform make this title an essential of the genre. The plethora of customizations available and the particularly fun maps will evoke memories for early Call of Duty fans. In sum: a mobile game that condenses the essence of this famous FPS license.

It’s time to close our selection of weekly mobile games with a sci-fi FPS. NOVA Legacy was a big hit on mobile with over 1 million downloads. Playable solo or in multiplayer, this is a title taken from the first opus of the saga. A retro experience in a much improved version, where you can notably defeat the alien threat. Multiplayer includes deathmatches for up to 6 players where you will have to be the last survivor.

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Call of Duty, NOVA Legacy… Here is the selection of FPS mobile games!

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