Calais affected by giant mobile network cuts: “I could not collect card payments…”

Pno phone, no internet or even sometimes no television, Calais was affected by a network outage affecting multiple operators in Calais and in the towns of the conurbation. Residents subscribed to Free, SFR, Bouygues Telecom or Orange suffered a mobile network outage. In some homes, the lack of internet had already been noted from Wednesday evening and for thousands of users, the situation recovered in the late morning and early afternoon.

Nord Littoral launched an appeal Thursday morning and the testimonies were quick to flow. “Mollien sector, SFR cut since last night… I hope it will come back before tonight, otherwise the children will be lost”laughs Phanie. “Sector St Pierre, no connection from around 12:30 a.m. I called SFR… and then it came back around 12:30 p.m.observes Isabelle.

The state of the cabinets in question…

Among professionals, the absence of the Internet has had consequences and has disrupted daily life. Jean Philippe Lannoy, the manager of Bien Juillet in Calais had to adapt ” I was unable to collect payments
credit card customers, I was able to do a connection sharing with my mobile phone but it was slow “. Deprived of an SFR connection, it was his Orange plan that saved his life ” but it was far from perfect “. Jean Philippe Lannoy, installed boulevard Jacquard did not manage to reach his operator but is not very surprised by such a situation ” I saw on Twitter that it was general in Calais. But when we see the state of the fiber cabinets everywhere in town, which are normally managed by SFR, this kind of problem is moderately surprising. »

The contractor is not the only one to mention these cabinet problems. But nothing says that this is the reason for the problem. Of the malicious acts of an unprecedented scale on the national fiber optic network in France had, for example, led to slowdowns and cuts in Internet access in several large cities in April.

Contacted, the SFR operator just talk about a maintenance operation. “In order to improve the service of the fiber network, an intervention on the active elements of the Calais Optical Connection Node, impacting the SFR boxes, took place last night and ended at 1:00 p.m. today. Unforeseen problems were encountered which caused a delay in the end of the intervention which should have been at night »refers to communication.

Breakdowns on the fixed network, the optical fiber or on the mobile antennas were observed in all the districts of the City of Calais. Sudden cuts also affected the municipalities of Sangatte, Bleriot, Coquelles, Marck and sectors of the hinterland in particular on Guînes. Subscribers were deprived of internet and telephone for several hours before a return to normal without further explanation.

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Calais affected by giant mobile network cuts: “I could not collect card payments…”

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