Box + mobile offers at SFR: Save on your bill

In the past, it was more common to take your mobile plan and your internet offer separately. At that time, these different offers were still independent. Today, things have changed enormously.

We have successively witnessed the advent of smartphones, then new models of connected televisions. This favored the deployment of internet box offers + mobile plans, such as those offered by SFR. Which box + mobile pack to save at SFR?

Discover the essentials on the subject in the rest of this article.

to kill two birds with one stone

Previously, users subscribed separately to two offers. Firstly an internet subscription (often expensive) and secondly a mobile plan for their smartphone.

Box + Mobilen offers

SFR’s box+mobile offers definitively come to solve this problem, by proposing the two offers in only one. In this way, the user saves time and simplifies his life, insofar as all his connection offers are concentrated in a single offer.

This allows you at the same time to make more savings, since you benefit from both offers at a more attractive price. SFR also gives you the possibility by subscribing to this offer to get its brand new smartphone, already available in its shop.

The box+mobile pack: an offer that saves you money

By subscribing to the box+mobile pack, you will see the cost of your subscription drop significantly. For example, by subscribing to the SFR fiber box offer accompanied by a 120 GB plan for a 5G connection, you will be entitled to a reduction.

At the end of the month, you will therefore find yourself saving 10 euros! The box+mobile offers are more or less diversified and allow you to save precious sums. The most profitable of them will help you save around 15 euros every month.

SFR Internet and mobile package

In addition to making you spend less money, said offers are easy to access. There are also certain offers that allow you to subscribe to both plans in one and enjoy them with your whole family. This generally requires joining the SFR family (an SFR community), which allows you to benefit from preferential rates for internet + mobile offers.

A mobile plan at 0 euros: it’s really possible with SFR!

Although it may seem unbelievable, it is real! SFR offers users a completely free package. Indeed, by subscribing to box+mobile pack, you have the option of benefiting from a 2 hour and 100 MB mobile plan at 0 euros. If this package previously gave the right to two hours of calls and 100 MB for 3 euros, it is now free.

A mobile plan at 0 euros

To benefit from SFR’s other box+mobile offers, you can mainly choose between one of the following options:

  • The SFR fiber offer from 16 euros every month;
  • The SFR fiber Power offer from 22 euros per month;
  • The SFR Box 7 or 8 that everyone appreciates.

After subscribing to one of the previous offers, you will have the opportunity to select the mobile part yourself. SFR therefore gives you the freedom to subscribe to the one that best meets your needs. The 80 GB plans, too, allow users to save 10 to 15 euros.

Besides that, it should also be noted that subscribing to one of SFR’s package offers is also the perfect opportunity to change your smartphone. You can take the opportunity to get one of the latest smartphones at a very attractive price.

For example, the S21 Smartphone is available from 149 euros, which you can pay in 24 monthly installments of 8 euros. The offer is definitely worth it!

The other advantages of the SFR box + mobile packs

The box+mobile plan is now more recommended than any other formula. Unlike the usual offers, it does not differentiate between the smartphone and the internet box. On the contrary, it gives the user the possibility of simultaneously subscribing to both. From this main advantage flow several others. As already specified above, the first advantage is financial.

Indeed, SFR by combining the two packages in one, offers you very attractive prices according to your needs, with the possibility of discounts. Then, the box+mobile pack has the art of saving time. By subscribing to it, you no longer need to follow specific procedures or adopt two different operators. Just renew your monthly subscription and you can benefit from both a box and a mobile plan.

Finally, the box+mobile pack allows you to reduce the number of your bills. In general, when you subscribe to different operators, it can quickly happen that you get lost in your bills. On the other hand, by adopting a single operator for both offers, you immediately reduce your bills by half and you can easily find them on the same page.

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Box + mobile offers at SFR: Save on your bill

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