Blood Origin: do you have to have seen The Witcher before watching this spin-off?

For Christmas, Netflix is ​​spoiling fans of The Witcher with four new episodes! But beware: this is not the sequel to the adventures of Geralt de Riv: The Witcher – Blood Origin (Where Blood Legacy, in French) is a spin-off that acts as a prequel to the main series and tells us a story that takes place long before the Witcher saga. Do you have to have seen all the episodes of The Witcher to enjoy this new mini-series? SFR News answers you.

Waiting for season 3 of The Witcherwhich will arrive in 2023 and will show us the final episodes in which Henry Cavill will play the hero, fans of the series are entitled to a new foray into the universe of the Witcher with the new prequel mini-series The Witcher – Blood Origin, available now on the platform that makes TUDUM. But can we appreciate these new episodes without having followed the original series?

How does The Blood Legacy relate to The Witcher series?

Both series are set in the same universe and share similar fantasy elements, especially when it comes to bestiary, fantasy elements, and different non-human species. But given that The Witcher – Blood Legacy is far removed from the main series in time, no characters from the main series are supposed to appear there. However, there is an element at the heart of its plot that could pose some comprehension problems for those who have never watched a single episode of The Witcher. We are talking about the event called “The Conjunction of the Spheres”, a major element of the history of the universe created by the writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

In both the books and the live-action Netflix version, this event took place 1,200 years before the time of Geralt of Rivia. It happened when several universes (or “spheres”) collided and species from different worlds began to have to live together on the continent. This cornerstone of the series’ mythology is mentioned in the second season of The Witcher and is the reason Geralt deals with so many monsters. Also, if you discover the existence of the Conjunction of the Spheres by reading these lines, it is possible that you pass somewhat next to the stakes of Blood Origin.

A gateway to The Witcher series?

That being said, far be it from us to curb the curiosity of those who would never have had the desire to watch the main series until then, and who would now be ready to be tempted by this spin-off, for their own reasons. Because after all, if this prequel promises to tell an important part of the Witcher universe, it also highlights new characters of whom we know nothing and who each have their own story. These were not only created with the aim of telling the big history, they are also there to be endearing, and it is very likely that we can be completely interested in their destiny without having to know everything The Witcher. And those who have never expressed an interest in the main series before can find Blood Legacy a gateway, which will perhaps make them want to push their exploration of this universe further.

To summarize : Watch Blood Origin / Blood Legacy without knowing the main series, it is not taking full advantage of these four episodes which are, it is true, above all intended for fans of The Witcher who are impatient while waiting for the release of season 3. But it is also a way for some to get their first foot in this franchise. And if these curious people discover the mini-series in the presence of a seasoned fan, able to fill in their gaps with a few brief explanations, it may well be that they then want to immerse themselves in the first two seasons. from the Serie. To these, we wish a great discovery!

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Blood Origin: do you have to have seen The Witcher before watching this spin-off?

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