Blizzard interview for Warcraft Arclight Rumble, the next mobile game – With Vik Saraf and Adam Kugler

Breakflip had the chance to participate in a round table during which we were able to ask our questions to Blizzard about the game Warcraft Arclight Rumble.

After the announcement of Warcraft Arclight Rumble, new mobile game of Blizzard in the Warcraft universe, several parts of the game have not yet been revealed, such as PvP, or even the monetization system.

Breakflip had the chance to participate in a round table with Vik Saraf (Executive Producer) and Adam Kugler (Associate Game Director) and other journalists. Find the full transcript of this interview.

Full interview for Warcraft Arclight Rumble with Vik Saraf and Adam Kugler

During this interview, Breakflip and other media had the opportunity to ask several questions to Vik Saraf and Adam Kugler on Warcraft Arclight Rumble. The discussion was of course made in English so that the transcription of the questions and answers in the rest of this article are not the literal translation, but a transcription in French in order to remain faithful to the answers given by the two representatives of Blizzard.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble is a “game within a game”, is this a way for you to justify the new style of the game, or is this a new part of the lore that you want to exploit?

“Unlike a big, long adventure like in World of Warcraft, where you follow his character’s progression from level 1, through various zones and continents. Warcraft Arclight Rumble is more like a game like Hearthstone that we want to deliver a rich but more condensed and short experience through fast parts. The primary idea and the analogy are those of a child who imagines his favorite figurines compete in scenarios from his imaginationand we wanted to bring that childish fantasy into the game.” Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

I played Warcraft Arclight Rumble beta and World of Warcraft for a long time, I got into the game right away, but what about players who are foreign to the Warcraft universe?

“Obviously, the game will immediately speak to lovers of the license. Moreover, the game is easy to take in hand and the archetypes of the mage, the paladin are superior to Warcraft and its universe, so that players will be able to find themselves in this universe. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

Warcraft and Blizzard have a rich universe with lots of characters. What are your plans for the future of the game?

“As you may have said in your question, the universe of Warcraft and Blizzard games is immense. Our first objective is to build solid foundations for the game, but of course we plan to develop it not only on the characters but also on the zones and continents. The object of the game is to put updated regularly to give it back daily attractive with dungeons, raids, etc. With quests, you will be required to return to areas you have already explored but with new enemies. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

Are interactions between other Blizzard games and Warcraft Arclight Rumble planned? Mounts on WoW, or cards on Hearthstone, etc?

“The priority is to build a game efficient and attractive, so the team is mainly focused on developing game content,” Vik Saraf, Executive Producer (VP).

” We do not have no plans currently on possible game interactions, as was the case with Hearthstone. However, it is possible that this kind of content will emerge. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

The economic model of the game seems very interesting for the moment since it seems “user friendly”, do you think to keep it as such?

“We have worked a lot on the game model. We want all players to have a unique experience and we want them to be able to continue their adventure and collection of in-game characters without feeling like they have to invest, but with choices. The most important thing is that the character shops will be different from one player to another. We want players to have the ability to advance through the PvE campaign without spending money and having choice and thought in their team composition. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

Having worked on a lot of mobile games, some of which did not work, I learned that the best mobile games are exactly those that offer an experience to players without the feeling of having to invest money to enjoy it. », Vik Saraf, Executive Producer (VP).

What will be the most popular game mode?

“All game modes are designed to be fun and each content has its importance in the game. In addition, we invite players to replay all game modes to obtain rewards through quests, so we hope players will find interest in all game modes.” Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

The game is inspired by the Warcraft game, even if it is not the same, but will players find interest in the mobile game?

“Yes, we are trying to develop the game to appeal to fans of the license but also to foreign players from the world of Warcraft. The game is designed in such a way that players can learn by playing. All players can have fun in Warcraft Arclight Rumble. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

We call this style of play “moment to moment gameplay”, meaning that we want players to improve, learn and progress little by little in the game. », Vik Saraf, Executive Producer (VP).

Will the game be in line with some Blizzard games: Hard-to-master?

“The basis of the game is very simple. You have a small team of characters and you place them on the field. However, there are plenty of ways to improve in the game, especially when it comes to strategy. As for the customization of the game, you will find many characters in the game and they have very different playstyles from each other. Players may find themselves in one gameplay rather than another, as is the case with classes in World of Warcraft. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

My favorite expansion is Wrath of the Lich King. Since the Warcraft Arclight Rumble game will continue to grow, do you plan to add World of Warcraft expansions to the game?

“We are not going to add expansions in the same style as World of Warcraft but we are of course thinking of adding the content, the continents, the characters of these extensions. It’s of course too early to say exactly what we plan to do, but it won’t be a copy of World of Warcraft in terms of releases. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

Some people were waiting for a pet battle mobile game, did you really consider it?

“Blizzard is a large company with several games constantly in development, we have been working exclusively on Warcraft Arclight Rumble for some time now. », Vik Saraf, Executive Producer (VP).

Any tips for beating Lardeur?

“Even though it’s a boss with a tutorial, Lardeur is quite complex. It is necessary to take into account the patrol which has several units, some of which are at a distance. The game here tries to teach players that a combination of units is needed to respond to a situation, here the flying gnome who deals with distances and the griffins who deal with melee. Despite this there is often several ways to pass a level and it’s up to the players to be clever. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

A planned release date?

“Currently, we are doing closed beta testing, as soon as it progresses, we will tell you more”, Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

Other game modes? As on Hearthstone, modes that do not require a large collection of characters?

“Yes, there will be other modes but we can’t say more,” Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

Regarding PvP, is there a system of ranks and seasons and would you give rewards, cosmetics for example, in the game?

“Warcraft Arclight Rumble is first and foremost a game PvE. But we have a PvP audience that will want to fight for sure. We have a full and thoughtful plan for PvP, with a system we are working on and will talk about later. There will be cosmetics but we are still testing how to integrate them into the game and where they will come from. For now we are dealing with the heart of the game and the gameplay. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

What kind of mobile gaming style did you not want to do at all?

“I can’t answer directly so I’ll twist my answer differently. When a game at Blizzard is imagined, a person or a group of people come up with an idea for a game. For example, a Game Director will say “hey I would like us to do that” and then we think about the prototype of the game, we discuss it internally and as soon as enough people share this idea we start working on it. We don’t scratch a game idea from a list, these games are passion projects of a person who will come up with an idea and want to follow it. If enough other people want to follow this idea, they form a team and the game begins its creation. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

Is it now normal for big studios to build triple A mobile games?

“The mobile market has exploded and the quality bar has risen a lot. Today it’s a platform where we can make great games, we’ve seen it now for several years. And that will be the case for Warcraft Arclight Rumble if the game succeeds in tfind the balance of being both an immersive game with a real strategic experience and a game you can play for a few minutes during a move. », Vik Saraf, Executive Producer (VP).

Have you considered a more realistic art direction for Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

“We have a lot of ideas but the most important thing was to make the gameplay clear especially when we get to more advanced maps. It is very important to be able to identify all the troops. This rather simple style is very readable, makes the gameplay clear, the more details we put the more these details will cause problems for identification and reading. We invested a lot in the animations to give personality to the characters, more than in the detail of their models. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

How does the raid work?

“Raids are in active development so I can’t talk about them in detail. The idea is that it’s a game mode to play with friends, I can’t say that there will be 40 people on the map it might be too much. We are researching how to approach the Warcraft experience with raids on mobile, that is the goal of the game.” Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

“Furthermore, the talent system really allows customize your miniatures and experiment with new strategies. They arrive a little later than the tutorial so that the players have really integrated the game before having the talents. », Adam Kugler, Associate Game Director.

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Blizzard interview for Warcraft Arclight Rumble, the next mobile game – With Vik Saraf and Adam Kugler

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