Biterrois: without a telephone network for a month, exasperated residents in Bédarieux

Since last month, Bédariciens can no longer use their phones.

The least we can say is that this Friday morning, May 20, in downtown Bédarieux, no one was glued to their phone. For the past month, the town has been the victim of a huge mobile network outage. SFR, Bouygues Telecom, NRJ Mobile… The inhabitants can’t take it anymore.

It’s been going on for weeks. From memory, it started around April 28says Didier, manager of the Petit Casino in the town. I am at Orange and I have no problem. My wife, on the other hand, is at SFR, and can’t do anything.

Fortunately for him, his business is equipped with an intranet, which does not impact his profession, “even if sometimes the TPE (electronic payment terminal) bugs and does not want to let customers pay contactless “.

“This is unheard of”

Opposite the store, Daniel, a pharmacist, complains about the same problem. “I’m at SFR, and it’s true that I haven’t had a network for weeks, testifies the employee of the pharmacy Peyrac. I don’t get any calls or messages all day when I’m here. On the other hand, as soon as I get home to La Tour-sur-Orb, everything happens all of a sudden.

For Daniel and Didier, the problem would be due to the installation of the fiber. “I don’t really know if it’s related, but since they’ve been fiddling with wires to install fiber in Bédarieux, the mobile network is slower than usual. But three weeks off anyway… It’s unheard of“, supports the manager of the Petit Casino.

The mayor of the town, Francis Barsse, counterbalances these remarks by explaining that “fiber is about antennas, not mobile networks. Well I think “.

Some found the network this Friday morning

On the terrace of the Bataclan café, rue de la République, the Bédaricians are unanimous. “Yes, we heard a lot of people complaining about it. I believe that the butcher a little further is a victim!

In the rue sur le Puits, Danielle approves. “It lasted a good fifteen days. It was unbearable, we were unable to contact our customers, our suppliers and vice versa! We had this concern only in Bédarieux. With us, in Hérépian, everything is working normally“, insists the butcher.

And to add:But everything came back this morning for us. We never knew what happened, and I think we never will. We can finally work in good conditions“.

The councilor of the commune of the Hauts cantons is constantly asked to try to solve the problem. “But I’m like everyone else, I also have network problems, and no one is able to explain to us the reason. When I contact the operators, I am told that no hiccup is detected in them, so they can’t do anything, that “it will come back”. It’s been a month.

“We are being ripped off”

And to top it off: the invoices will continue to be collected, without the slightest reduction, the operators not finding “no failure” on their side. “You will laugh, but we are offered 100 megabytes of internet offered for compensation. It’s absurd“, exclaims Francis Barsse, exasperated. “Here we are paying for nothing. Already in normal times we pay a lot for the use we make of it, but here it is downright 0%. We are being scammed“, grumbles Daniel, the pharmacist.

Unable to do anything on his scale, Francis Barsse calls on the Bédaricians to “from SFR and Bouygues” as quickly as possible.

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Biterrois: without a telephone network for a month, exasperated residents in Bédarieux

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