Bbox Must fibre: a greener box with Wi-Fi 6

Bouygues Telecom is upgrading its Internet offer with a new Bbox Must fiber, a more ecological model, which benefits from a more modern design and especially Wi-Fi 6. But reserved for the moment for new subscribers.

If Internet Service Providers (ISP) are no longer making a real revolution, they are nonetheless continuing to develop their offers but also, and sometimes discreetly, their boxes. Thus, it is quite discreetly that Bouygues Telecom recently improved its Bbox Must fiber formula – its mid-range offer – by changing the “modem” part. In fact, since November 7, 2023, new customers who subscribe to the Must fiberor its equivalent with a connected TV, are entitled to a new box that is both more ecological and faster, instead of the old model offered until then.

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Bbox Must: an eco-responsible box

Produced in part with the collaboration of Vantiva – a French company formerly known as Technicolor –, this new box is distinguished first by its vertical format and its black color. A change in size compared to the previous box, flat and white. In fact, this new one has been designed with an eco-responsible approach: it is made from more than 90% recycled plastic – hence its dark color –, with materials and an assembly system that facilitate its reconditioning and thus lengthen its life. lifetime. In addition, its power consumption has been reduced by about 18% compared to the previous model, which is not negligible these days. Another detail that underlines the operator”s inclusive approach: the ports and buttons are marked with Braille characters to be more easily handled by blind and visually impaired people. So many attentions that have allowed the new Bbox to be certified Green Product Mark by German organization TÜV Rheinlandas Bouygues explains in his press release.

Bbox Must: Wi-Fi 6 as standard

The vertical format of the new Bbox was not adopted by chance: in addition to its elegance, it allows better ventilation of the internal components and also the integration of vertical antennas which better diffuse the Wi-Fi. Because it is the another great novelty of this model, Wi-Fi 6 compatible as its full name suggests – Box Wi-Fi 6. Admittedly, this is not the more efficient Wi-Fi 6E, which for the moment remains reserved for Bouygues’ high-end offer, the Bbox Utlym, which is obviously more expensive. But the use of this standard makes it possible to obtain better wireless speeds than the Wi-Fi 5 of the old Bbox, the operator speaking of a factor of 2. In addition, if the current Must fiber offer limits the external speed at 1 Gbit/s going down, the new box is able to manage a connection at 2.5 Gbit/s, which suggests future improvements on the network.

In addition, this Wi-Fi is qualified as intelligent because it can select in real time the best frequency band and the best channel for each connected device – as long as it is Wi-Fi 6 compatible – in order to offer the better connection. And Bouygues offers optional “auto-pairing” Wi-Fi 6 repeaters that are easy to install and configure to extend wireless coverage if needed. Small appreciable detail: as it is designed exclusively for fiber, this new Bbox connects directly to the PTO, the optical termination box located in the housing, thus avoiding the use of an external adapter, bulky, unsightly and requiring an additional power supply . A very good point!

Bbox Must new generation: a box reserved for new subscribers

Vendor Offers Speed Price
Bouygues Telecom Box FitInternet, Telephone 400 MbpsFiber 15.99 €
31.99 €
Bouygues Telecom Box MustInternet, Calls to mobile, TV, Telephone 1 GbpsFiber 24.99 €
41.99 €
Bouygues Telecom Bbox fit + 100 GB packageInternet, Mobile, Telephone 400 MbpsFiber 26.98 €
57.98 €
Bouygues Telecom Box UltymInternet, Calls to mobile, TV, Telephone 2 GbpsFiber 29.99 €
50.99 €
Bouygues Telecom Bbox Must + 100 GB packageInternet, Mobile, Calls to mobile, TV, Telephone 1 GbpsFiber 35.98 €
67.98 €
Bouygues Telecom Box Must + Smart TVInternet, Calls to mobile, TV, Telephone 1 GbpsFiber 41.99 € See
Bouygues Telecom Box Ultym + Smart TVInternet, Calls to mobile, TV, Telephone 2 GbpsFiber 50.99 € See

Pending possible promotions, the Bbox Wi-Fi 6 is only offered in the formula at the price of 24.99 euros/month – for one year then 41.99 euros/month with a one-year commitment – ​​and at 41.99 euros/month with a 24-month commitment for the Bbox Must Smart TV offer, which includes a connected TV. As usual, Bouygues provides, on request, a mini 4G box to ensure access to very high speed upon subscription, before connection to its fibre. Too bad that this promising box is only reserved for new customers of the operator, no form of exchange or evolution is yet planned for current subscribers.

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Bbox Must fibre: a greener box with Wi-Fi 6

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