Bbox Fit at €15.99 per month: take advantage of Fiber or ADSL at a reduced rate for a year!

One internet subscription that goes to the essentials without costing a fortune, would you like to start 2023 well? If so, the Box Fit has everything to seduce you. This Bouygues Telecom box actually includes a excellent Fiber or ADSL connectionas well as unlimited calls to many destinations for only €15.99 per month the first year. We will tell you more about this right away. good plan!

The Bbox Fit is available for only €15.99 per month for the first year at Bouygues Telecom!

At the house of Bouygues Telecom the Box Fit is currently available for €15.99 per month. With such a low price, she is thecheapest box offer offered by the Internet service provider. If you decide to opt for this entry-level formulabe aware that the amount of the subscription is a reduced price which will be applied for one year. What to make great savings in 2023! If you remain a customer longer, your monthly bills will increase from the second year to €31.99 with the optical fiberor €27.99 with theDSL .

However, it is useless not to be tempted by this upcoming price increase. Whether you are eligible for the Fiber(free installation) orDSL , you will only be hired for one year. Concretely, you will therefore take no risk, since this means that if you wish to terminate your contract, you will be free to do so before the price increase.

To note : if you subscribe to Bbox Fit Fiber or ADSL, Bouygues Telecom will take care of the cancellation procedures with your former internet operator and will reimburse you up to €100 of the costs billed by the latter.

A reliable and fast internet connection with the Bbox Fit!

Proposed to reduced price the first year, the offer Box Fit includes a high quality internet connectionon the network of Bouygues Telecom. If you subscribe to the version Fiberyour browsing speed can reach up to 400 Mb/s download and upload.

Your home is not located in an area covered by this technology? This is not a problem ! With the formula DSL you will access the web by Broadbandand can quietly go about your online business, such as managing your e-mails, your teleworking activities, watching videos on your favorite VOD platforms or even using social networks.

Good to know : as soon as you subscribe to your Bbox Fit, Bouygues Telecom will provide you with a 4G key and 200 GB of data to guarantee you Internet immediately.

Phone calls at will, that’s also the Bbox Fit!

By taking the Box Fityou will benefit from the unlimited telephony . To be more precise, we are talking about endless callsaround the Metropolitan France them DOM (excluding mobiles in Mayotte), theEurope(European Union, England, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, etc.), the Canadathem USAthe China the South Koreaand Singapore. But that’s not all ! As part of your subscription, you can also make unlimited calls to landlines in more than 110 countries.


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Bbox Fit at €15.99 per month: take advantage of Fiber or ADSL at a reduced rate for a year!

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