Bbox Fit at €15.99 per month: a Fiber or ADSL box… at a reduced price for the first year!

You are looking for a cheap internet subscription that goes to the essentials in terms of services? If yes, Bouygues Telecom offers you an offer perfectly adapted to your needs. it’s about the Box Fit. Including a very good web connection and the unlimited calls to a multitude of destinationsthis box formula only costs €15.99 per month the first year with the Fiber or theDSL. Want to find out more? In this case, read the rest of the article!

The Bbox Fit is only €15.99 per month for one year!

In that moment Box Fit is marketed at only €15.99 per month. This price makes this box formula the cheapest offered by Bouygues Telecom. If you choose this entry-level internet offerbe aware that the amount displayed is a reduced price which will be applied throughout the first year. What to make great savings for one year ! If you continue your subscription beyond this period, your monthly bills will increase to €31.99 with the optical fiber. They will amount to €27.99 from the second year if you take theDSL.

Nevertheless, whatever technology you are eligible for, you will just be hired for one year. This means that if you do not want to suffer the price increase, you will have the freedom to terminate your contract before the increase. In short, no risk in letting yourself be tempted by this good plan!

To note : if you subscribe to Bbox Fit Fiber or ADSL, Bouygues Telecom will take care of the cancellation procedures with your former internet operator and will reimburse you up to €100 of the costs invoiced by the latter.

With a reliable internet connection and countless phone calls, the Bbox Fit goes straight to the point!

You are attracted to little price of the Box Fit , but want to know more about the content of the offer before considering a subscription? This is normal and we will immediately detail the services included. First of all, this formula reduced price the first year obviously includes a excellent quality internet connectionon the network of Bouygues Telecom. By taking the optical fiberyour browsing speed may reach up to 400 Mb/s download and upload. Your accommodation is not located in an area covered by this technology? It’s not a problem! With the formula DSL you will be able to access the web by Broadbandto calmly go about most of your online activities, such as managing your e-mails, watching video content, streaming music or even using social networks.

But that’s not all ! With the Box Fityou will also benefit from the unlimited telephony . Specifically, we are talking here about calls at willto mainland France, the overseas departments (excluding Mayotte mobiles), Europe (European Union, England, Switzerland, Norway, etc.), Canada, the USA, China, South Korea and Singapore. You can also reach without counting the landlines of more than 110 countries.


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Bbox Fit at €15.99 per month: a Fiber or ADSL box… at a reduced price for the first year!

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