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At the start of the school year, the expenses are enormous because you have to prepare for it and it is also the time to make small changes in your home. Indispensable today, internet boxes have many advantages. Choosing the right subscription is therefore important to properly organize your bills. Find out in this article how to take advantage of the best internet box offers at the start of the school year.

Change your subscription

At the start of the school year, you can make a lot of savings on your subscriptions by opting for cheaper subscriptions. To do this, you no longer have to sort through the contracts yourself to find an offer of cheap internet box. You just need to use the net.

Subscription management platforms

Their use is very simple. All you have to do is create an account and fill in all your subscriptions on the dashboard. You are immediately informed if there is a similar and cheaper offer than your subscription.

Online comparators

To discover the best internet box offers, the easy solution is to use online comparators. There are online comparators in all areas. As far as internet box offers are concerned, you will find very good rankings, transparency of pricing conditions as well as detailed annual costs. With a comparator, you can choose a subscription adapted to your needs and your budget.

Choose the best offer for internet box

To choose an internet box, you must base yourself on your needs first. You must consider the nature of the subscriptions and the type of commitment.

The nature of subscriptions

First, you will find basic offers. That is to say an offer that includes just an internet connection with a fixed telephone line. However, some providers also offer you access to TV channels. The price is often equal or differs just by one or two euros.

Most offers for internet boxes are therefore triple play (subscription to the internet network, to the fixed telephone line and to a TV package). There are also quadruple play offers which, in addition to offering you all the advantages of a triple play offer, also include a mobile phone plan at a reduced rate. This is possible when you make your internet subscription and your mobile plan with the same provider.

You therefore have the choice between a basic subscription, a triple play or a quadruple play. You can find for example on the best mobile plan comparison.

With or without commitment

In order to build your loyalty, internet service providers offer attractive rates for the offer of an internet box with commitment. You can choose an offer with commitment when it meets all your internet needs as well as the options you wish to benefit from. Plus, it’s usually less expensive.

Internet contracts with commitment like all other contracts have a fixed term. Thus, when you find that the flow of your subscription is low or that you are no longer satisfied with the subscription at all, you can terminate your contract. This includes paying termination fees unless you are at the end of your contract. However, when you want to have a free choiceand change internet service provider at your discretion, it is advisable to subscribe to a contract for a non-binding internet box.

How to terminate your contract?

As said above, when it comes to a non-binding offer, you don’t have to worry about changing your internet service provider. All you need is a registered letter to validate the termination of your contract. However, in the case of a subscription with commitment, when you are at the end of the contract, no additional costs apply to the termination. But when the contract is not over, you must first ask your supplier for the amount of the early termination fee and are bound to honor them.

Compare the prices of internet service providers

The price plays an important role in the choice of your internet box. For this, it is necessary to compare the different prices adopted by suppliers. In order to benefit from the best offers, you can opt for:

  • A low-cost internet service provider such as Sosh from Orange, RED by SFR, Free, and others;
  • An economical offer which only has an internet subscription, the one play offer;
  • The quadruple play offer which allows you to combine your mobile plan and your internet subscription in the same offer and all at a profitable rate;
  • Or even a promotional offer therefore of limited duration.

In all, you therefore have four options for choosing the rate. Try to choose the offer that suits you best.

The possibility of having an internet box on promotion and private sales

In order to retain new customers and to try to beat the competition, Promotional offers with regard to the offers of internet boxes are numerous. First of all, the promotional offers are offered to you on the supplier’s site or on their premises. These offers are for a limited time, usually one year (twelve months). At the end of this period, you are required to pay the normal rate. However, there are promotional offers with no time limit. These are opportunities to take advantage of a cheaper rate.

The Private sales are not only present in the field of fashion or cosmetics. They are in several areas such as internet subscriptions. If you are registered on internet subscription sites that offer private sales, you will not be able to miss a private sale related to an internet box offer. They are specially reserved for people registered on sites offering private sales in the field.

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Back to school and internet box: take advantage of the best offers – Home and Home Automation

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