BAC 2022: Will the internet connection still be cut in Algeria?

The Bac 2022 exams will begin this Sunday, June 12 and millions of Algerians are holding their breath. Will this year’s exam still be marked by internet shutdowns as has become a habit in recent years? This is the question that torments, in fact, the minds of the majority of Algerians who again fear internet cuts during the course of the Bac exams.

It has become a habit. Since 2015, and at each Bac exam, Algerians are surprised by waking up in the morning and no longer being able to connect to the internet, due to network disruptions. This extreme decision, taken by the public authorities in order to stem the cheating under examination, annoys to the highest degree millions of Algerians. The latter who find themselves “cut off” from the world during the course of the tests continue to denounce the government’s inability to find an alternative to this measure.

Even the Head of State, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, had expressed his anger about the internet cuts during the Bac exams. It was in September 2020 during a meeting with media officials, where he even threatened to crack down on officials in charge of the sector. A threat that has remained a dead letter, since the Bac 2021 exams were once again marked by major disruptions to the internet network throughout the national territory.

The fear of these internet cuts therefore returns again on the occasion of the Bac 2022, scheduled from this Sunday 12 until Thursday June 16, 2022. Moreover, the question which comes up insistently on the eve of the Bac this year for the majority of Algerians is the year relating to whether or not the Internet network is cut off. A legitimate question, especially given the consequences that this cut has on the daily lives of millions of Algerians.

The Minister of Education raises the issue of the internet shutdown during the Bac 2022

Indeed, the internet has nowadays become a means of work for which several sectors cannot do without. All activities are now linked to the Internet network, hence the harmful consequences that this possible cut will have on several sectors in Algeria. So will the internet connection still be cut in Algeria, from this Sunday, June 12, 2022, and this during the five days of the baccalaureate exams?

Questioned on June 6, during the kick-off of the BEM tests, on a possible cut in the internet connection during the course of the tests for this end-of-cycle intermediate exam as well as for that of the Bac, the Minister of Education National had refuted the hypothesis. “There was never any question of the internet being cut off during the exam,” said the minister. This is also what was confirmed since no disturbance affected the Internet network during the 3 days of the BEM examination, from June 6 to 8.

If the Minister of Education had ruled out a shutdown of the internet for the BEM exam, this does not mean that this will also be the case for the Bac exams. Indeed, even last year, a senior official of the Ministry of National Education had reassured the Algerians by affirming a few days before the kick-off of the Bac 2021 that “there will be no general cut in the connection to the internet nor the blocking of social networks”. A promise that ultimately turned out to be false since the internet network had experienced a major disruption during the five days of the Bac of the previous year. For this year’s Bac, it will be necessary to wait for the start of the tests this Sunday to find out if the government will keep its promise of an “exam without internet cuts”.

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BAC 2022: Will the internet connection still be cut in Algeria?

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