Aude: he lives in a mobile home after being evicted from his home by his daughter

A 78-year-old man has been sleeping in a mobile home since last June, without electricity and water, in the town of Mailhac. Owner of a house just above, he would have been evicted from his home by his 34-year-old daughter and her companion. He filed a complaint to regain possession of his property.

At the end of a path after a succession of bends, we find his mobile home, in the town of Mailhac. Aged 78, this man of German origin came to settle in 2000 on these lands with his wife. To express himself, he needs a translator because he does not fully master our language: “My French is not good”he smiles.

But behind this smile, this mustachioed and balding man seems worried. “I’m supposed to live in the house that’s a few meters away. But I can’t go there anymore. My daughter kicked me out of my own house, after I was punched of his companion”sighs the septuagenarian.

According to him, since the spring of 2020, he would have hosted his daughter with his four children.“It seemed normal to me, she’s my daughter”he says while continuing his story. “There was always tension but nothing serious. In September 2021, she met someone. Our relationship started to get more and more strained during this period.”

A complaint lodged

And it was last April that the situation degenerated. “I was planning to make two apartments in the house. A bigger one for her and her children and a smaller one for me because the relationship was not going well at all. Then there was this punch in the face that I received by his new companion a few months later, it was June 18.”

He still seems shocked by the brutality of this gesture.“I don’t know why he did that. I called the fire brigade, I explained to them what had happened to me, they came with the gendarmes. I then went to the emergency room in Narbonne.”

A complaint was filed on June 20 and was dismissed, others followed so that he could recover his home. Since that day, he says he can no longer go to the house: “They won’t let me in anymore. Now I’m scared.”

A mobile home as a last refuge

With nowhere to live, he found refuge in his DIY workshop, a four-room mobile home, located less than 500 meters from his home. Inside, we see food, stuff in shambles, but also a storage room dedicated to his workshop. “The shower does not work, I have to wash myself outside in a bathtub that I have recovered”he explains while taking care to close the door behind him.

If the water does not flow in his mobile home, the electricity would not work either: “I have to use a generator with gasoline if I want to have it.” During his days, he tries to occupy himself, but according to him, they seem long. “I’m going around in circles. I hope everything will be okay and I can get my house back.”

The case has not yet been judged by the Narbonne court. Her daughter, she, despite our requests, did not wish to answer our questions.

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Aude: he lives in a mobile home after being evicted from his home by his daughter

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