ATV, lawn tractor, etc. : he stole and then resold on the internet…

15 months in prison, which is added to the three years of a previous conviction. This quadra had specialized in theft and then resale on Facebook and Leboncoin. Complaints from victims were right about its trafficking.

A piece of glove, a single piece of glove put an end to the small arrangements that a forties had granted himself with the law. From the end of a glove left at the scene of a theft committed in Laroque-Timbaut, the gendarmes went back to the hand, then to the man with DNA analyzes which confirmed their suspicions. Judged in immediate appearance this Wednesday in Agen, the person concerned was sentenced to 15 months in prison, with a warrant of committal. In prison, he was already there since he had been condemned in the last months to three years of detention. For flights.

long list

José had found a way to make ends meet that were often difficult given the meager €1,200 that this permanent employee received from his company in Montayral. In Tarn-et-Garonne, in Lot, in Lot-et-Garonne, he gazed beyond hedges and behind garage doors. Here he spotted a lawn tractor, there an ATV or even a trailer – 700 kg noted the president of the criminal court – passing by a hand truck, a hedge trimmer, a tiller, fishing rods. The list is not exhaustive.

On the right corner

It’s time for social media. On specialized sites like Le Bon Coin or general sites like Facebook, it is easy to buy and sell. It is difficult to verify the origin of what is offered for sale. Successive complaints from victims, often private individuals, convinced the gendarmes that the series had been underway for a few months.

His technique was very simple. When José had completed his scouting, he took photos, put them up for sale online. When the buyer was hooked, he would steal, then sell at a very low price. Worth around €4,000, a lawn tractor sold for €300. As a rule, José was not fussy about prices, so as not to attract attention.

Placed in police custody, this separated father with alimony admitted to being the author of these half-dozen thefts. At the bar of the court this Wednesday, he repeated that his monthly income was not enough for him to live and settle what he had to settle. Late rents, commitment of consumer loans… An employee without reproach at a nurseryman in Fumélois, he maintained his justifications: not enough money every month, and setting up an original scheme which did not pass under the radar of the gendarmes.

Already in 2007

“Partisan of the least effort.” It is in these terms that the public prosecutor described the person concerned, the magistrate recalling in his arguments for the prosecution that José was not at his first attempt. The first conviction dates back to 2007. “Fifteen years!” is surprised the president of the criminal court, which aligns the past convictions of the gentleman.

Me Brussiau, his lawyer, drew another composite portrait of the father caught in the jam jar. “It’s the story of a man who didn’t get rich. It wasn’t an organized system, he wasn’t even able to resell at fair prices.” And the defense to add: “He continued to work because he thought it was the last time”. José, 41, will be able to meditate behind bars on his actions. He apologized to the bar, alongside one of his victims on the nerves for having seen a lawn tractor disappear in the middle of the night.

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ATV, lawn tractor, etc. : he stole and then resold on the internet…

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