Atos launches a Data Lake Accelerator on AWS for SAP that boosts business and financial performance for companies

Atos launches a accelerator Data Lake on AWS for SAP which increases performances commercial and financial are companies

Paris, France 1er december 2022 Atos announces the development, in partnership with AWS, of a new solution that enables customers to accelerate and accurately manage their key performance indicators, by facilitating access to SAP and non-SAP data silos.

This new solution,Atos’ AWS Data Lake Accelerator for SAP”, introduces self-service and enterprise-wide reporting. It sheds significant light on the changes that occur on a daily basis in customers’ activities and that have an impact on the decisions to be taken to improve financial results. The solution is delivered with predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) intended for the financial teams (age bands for the review of receivables, unauthorized cash discounts, average amount of unpaid invoices) and the teams in charge of sales and distribution (stock issues, product returns, credit and delivery notes, inventories, including current and open stocks, and their value). These predefined indicators, and many more, allow customers to optimize their production, monitor their sales performance, improve their forecasts or manage the life cycle of their products.

Atos’ AWS Data Lake Accelerator for SAP” eliminates the complexities of building a data lake environment and provides a comprehensive, modern data warehouse. The solution builds on previously conducted and successful KPI deployments, showing 75% faster speed than traditional deployments. The duration of the project thus goes from 24 months to just 6 months. Atos is currently the only known company to offer this type of approach to AWS data lakes to its customers.

With this new solution, customers benefit from storing their data in Amazon’s data lakes and analyzing that data. Using a wide range of analytical and machine learning tools enables complex analytics to be obtained and tracked. The solution includes custom acceleration software and end-to-end services that integrate design, preparation, platform evolution, and performance optimization.

For many years, Atos has provided this capability to other customers and today organizations using AWS data lakes can benefit from this expertise and reap the same benefits.

‘Atos’ AWS Data Lake Accelerator for SAP is another example of thehas focus of our company on the needs and them aspirations of our clients. We continue at innovate and develop technologies required to help our clients, all business sectors confused, prepare for a new era of digital business “, said John Cipolla, DDirector of Atos OneCloud AmericasAtos. ” This new solution combines he years of Atos experience in data warehouses SAP to microphoneservices scalable fromAWS for data ingestion, transformation, and modeling to provide advanced analytical functions in the service business performance. »

Atos has been a member of the AWS Partner Network since 2013. Today, Atos and AWS combine market-leading technology with a deep understanding of legacy infrastructures and proven expertise in large-scale, complex global migrations. Atos and AWS are focused on delivering the cloud promise customers expect by working together around four pillars: energizing the cloud-native enterprise, modernizing mission-critical workloads, securing systems at scale, and driving transformation to net zero emissions. With more than 15 skills, including SAP, migration, MSSP Level 1, DevOps and mainframe migration, and more than 2,800 AWS certifications, Atos has the means and capabilities to meet common customer needs.

During the Partners Award ceremony held on the occasion of re:Invent, Atos was named GSI Partner of the Year for EMEA by AWS. This nomination recognizes the essential role of Atos in helping its customers to promote innovation and develop solutions on AWS.

For more information on how the two companies are working together to accelerate cloud migrations of the most complex legacy systems, visit the partnership overview page between Amazon Web Services and Atos.


About Atos

Atos is an international leader in digital transformation with 112,000 employees and annual revenue of approximately €11 billion. European number one in the cloud, cybersecurity and supercomputers, the Group provides integrated solutions for all sectors, in 71 countries. A pioneer in decarbonization services and products, Atos is committed to providing secure and decarbonized digital solutions to its customers. Atos is an SE (European Company) listed on Euronext Paris.

The Atos purpose is to help shape the information space. With its skills and services, the Group supports the development of knowledge, education and research in a multicultural approach and contributes to the development of scientific and technological excellence. Throughout the world, Atos enables its customers and employees, and more generally the greatest number of people, to live, work and progress sustainably and with complete confidence in the information space.

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Atos launches a Data Lake Accelerator on AWS for SAP

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Atos launches a Data Lake Accelerator on AWS for SAP that boosts business and financial performance for companies

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