At less than 20 euros, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is the most affordable connected alarm clock

If you want to replace your good old alarm clock with a connected and functional version, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant is at a softer price: 17.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros at launch.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential // Source: Frandroid

Among Lenovo’s smart clocks, the Essential model isn’t the most advanced, but will satisfy most users. As its name suggests, the Smart Clock Essential goes straight to the point by certainly providing fewer features than its big brother, but still integrates Google Assistant. This small alarm clock is therefore very practical for controlling its connected objects, for example. A connected alarm clock that benefits from more than 40 euros reduction compared to its launch price.

What is the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential?

  • A discreet connected alarm clock in mini format
  • With a 4 inch LED screen
  • And compatible with Google Assistant

Available on release at 59.99 euros, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential connected alarm clock is now displayed at 49.99 euros, but currently it is offered at only 17.99 euros on the Darty website. It is found at same price at Fnac.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available after that, please take a look below to find other promotions for the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. The table updates automatically.

Where to buy The

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential at the best price ?

Simple and discreet

the Essential model is a lighter version of the Lenovo Smart Clock, and unlike it, it has a black and white, non-touch screen. You won’t be able to watch videos on it, since it has a simple 4-inch LED panel that will display important information in digital format. It will also be possible to adjust the brightness of the screen thanks to a voice command from Google Assistant.

Lenovo adds a small 31 lumen LED night light, which will be very useful for your night reading sessions or to light up a child’s room and repel monsters under the bed. Aesthetically, the alarm clock relies on a sober and discreet appearance with a well-finished gray mesh fabric. It also won’t take up much space and will fit perfectly into your room. At the back, there is a USB-A port on the back, which will give you the option of charging another device, such as a smartphone.

But also practical in everyday life

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is more than just an alarm clock. In addition to the possibility of programming alarms, it offers simple functionalities which become very useful in everyday life, such as the display of the time, date, weather forecast or even the outside temperature. What we especially appreciate is its compatibility with Google Assistant, where you can perform all kinds of voice commands thanks to the two microphones that can collect all your requests: fill in a shopping list, launch your favorite playlist, program a timer to a recipe or even control connected objects in your home.

This alarm clock is also equipped with a small 3W speaker – identical to that of the first SmartClock — which will be able to stream music. You can connect it to your devices to play your music remotely and thus listen to your audio books, your radio and your podcasts with ease. The speaker will certainly not liven up your evenings, but nevertheless offers clear sound and will be more than enough to wake up to music in the bedroom.

To find out more, here our test on the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential.

7 /10

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

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At less than 20 euros, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is the most affordable connected alarm clock

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