Are you tempted by 5G? These 3 packages should interest you!

December 2022: this month, we are celebrating two years of 5G deployment in France. We have moreover here the deployment map of the operators’ 3g/4G/5G antennas. Now the battle rages in the landscape of 5G mobile plansso to help you see clearly, today we are exclusively interested in the Orange network.

To begin with, we studied the quality of the Orange network : flow rate, coverage areas, generosity of the services offered. And we validate: as ARCEP says in its 2022 report, for the 12th consecutive yearthe incumbent Orangeformerly France Telecom, is clearly the best mobile service provider on the market.

The Orange 140GB plan without commitment

Without commitment, the 140 GB package at €20.99 for 1 year, 32.99€ from the second year. This is the entry price for an Orange 5G mobile plan. Frequent travellers, whether on business or not, will appreciate the Additional 80 GB usable in Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra zones: enough to maintain comfortable use, without fear of an additional cost outside the package. And as a bonus: the 2nd SIM card, offered on request for another of your connected devices (phone, tablet, or Airbox).

The Orange 150GB plan with a new smartphone included

With commitment, the 150 GB package at €29.99 for 1 year, 44.99€ afterwards. At this price, the difference is justified less by the additional 10 gigabytes than by the smartphone at a preferential price included in the offer, because for the rest, the services are the same as the previous package. We spotted our two favorites:

  1. at only 1 euro, you can treat yourself to a iPhone: the SE 2020 model, refurbished version. The pleasure of the apple brand, the satisfaction of an eco-responsible choice and more!
  2. at 139€, we try with a Google smartphone, the Pixel 6and in writing, we love its remarkable photo quality.

Finally, note that the renewal of your device will be offered to you every 2 years.

The limited-edition YouPrice 80 GB plan

It’s beautiful, it’s new, it came out on Monday this week with its big brother the YouPrice Claus package, it’s the brand new YOUPRICE Santa package. We will appreciate the delicate allusion to the Christmas holidays by this brand new virtual mobile network operator (say: “MVNO”, in English).

Indeed, Youprice was born in the spring of this year. Without engagementthese 80 GB at €14.99 with the 5G option can be more than enough for average use, much more economical, and above all, a little subtlety from Youprice: A-JU-STA-BLES ! The principle: if your consumption varies, and exceeds 80 GB in a range of up to 100, then your bill changes accordingly, in increments of 10 GB: practical, isn’t it?

To conclude, once is not custom, we deplore a great absentee in this comparison. Did you notice it? We would have liked to present you in this top 3 a package from Sosh, Orange’s discount brand. This is very surprising, and one wonders about this lack: is this a strategic choice? When will there be a 5G Sosh mobile offer?

We would like to give thanks to the writer of this short article for this amazing content

Are you tempted by 5G? These 3 packages should interest you!

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