Are you looking for a blocked pass for your children? We found the nugget!

“We’ll see at Christmas…”. You’ve been postponing the fateful moment for months, but now, Christmas is over, and it’s official: your eldest has received his first mobile phone as a gift (Thank you Grandma!), and he’s counting on you for the package. Watching him grow makes you happy, and you find his growing need for autonomy normal. Despite everything, you want to “keep control”. So which one to choose from the many small cheap packages? Which one to choose from non-binding mobile offers of the market ? Here, in writing, we have a small weakness for the unique Source package: we explain why.

Master the costs

For 10 euros so with Source’s no-commitment planyour child can unlimited calling and texting everywhere in metropolitan France, in the overseas departments, and in the European zone. No constraint on this side, no off-package possible.

No risk of over-billing no longer on the “Internet data consumption” side: the Source plan is stuck at 40 GB. This is a very comfortable data volume for your child to surf, listen to some music, and use social networks. But he won’t be able to spend sleepless nights streaming either. To situate yourself, know that an hour of music or streaming in standard quality consumes little more than a gigabyte. You should also know that, according to the latest studies for 2022, a French person consumes on average between 11 and 14 GB mobile Internet data per month.

But the Source package remains flexible : as a last resort, you can decide, or not, to unlock additional gigabytes per 5 GB increment, charged at €2. You will only have to download the Source app on your phone to drive it all at your fingertips.

Awaken your conscience, nourish your values

The operator Source, born from an idea of ​​Bouygues Telecom, aims to be eco-responsible and supportive. The starting point is that every month, thousands of gigabytes are not fully used by their subscribers. However, the package is paid, the volume is there. A huge wasteand the resulting carbon footprint.

Do not waste, reuse: and here is the idea of ​​the partnership with Lilo. Lilo.orgit is “the French and solidarity search engine which finances the projects of your choice free of charge”. On this engine, searches generate “drops”, which are transformed into euros, and that Lilo donates to the project you have chosen to support.

The “magic formula” is 1 GB not consumed at the end of the month = 20 drops, 100 drops = 1 euro.

Challenge him, challenge him, teach him sobriety and sharing, and also how much any act of purchase and consumption on his part impacts the world around him. And even if it means leaving him in this new social life “connected”, without you, that he feels like “a little drop” that helps make the big river. And then you will probably choose together who to help : will he be sensitive to the Restos du Coeur cause? Ukrainian refugees? Protecting the oceans with Sea Shepherd France? There are hundreds of associations and projects in partnership with Lilo, who has already donated more than 4.7 million euros in donations since its creation.

We wish to thank the writer of this write-up for this incredible material

Are you looking for a blocked pass for your children? We found the nugget!

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