Are blocked packages “has been”? Sosh persists.

A minimalist package

Exactly €4.99/month : this is the price of package blocked without commitment from Soshpartner of best network in France: Orange (latest ARCEP report 2022). And it is of course the cheapest of the 4 4G and 5G subscriptions from the reduced range of the operator Sosh. For those who have forgotten, here is a little reminder of the principle of the blocked package:

  • Your call credit is 2 hoursand only 2 hours: your calls will be blocked beyond that.
  • Your SMS and MMS are however unlimited. No more endless conversations, back to basics!
  • 100 MB of Internet data, in 4G : consumption blocked there too, or billed (very expensive! ) beyond. We did the test with an example of 1 GB of overconsumption (i.e. one hour of standard quality streaming film): that’s 50 euros more on the bill… We’ll let you be the judge.
  • Because it is Sosh, the pleasure of enjoying these services here and there, in France or abroadwith a rather generous list of destinations at this price: Metropolitan France, DOM, Europe, Switzerland and Andorra.

A blocked plan to monitor… guess who?

Go on, the charade response :

  1. My first is a user who primarily needs to be reachable everywhere and all the time, and to make a few quick calls
  2. My second is not supposed to use his plan at all to watch series hours or surf all night
  3. My third is likely to be you who pays for his package…

Of course, this blocked package mainly concerns our dear offspring. Entering college, taking the bus alone, sleeping with a friend… This small limited package is a reassuring gateway to autonomy, while your child gently takes his marks in the vast digital world. There will always be time to move towards a more complete offer when it has matured. You can then choose, for example, one of the many offers at less than 10 euros from the market.

There are the young, and the less young. Ultimately, our seniors wouldn’t they have substantially the same needs as our college students? For many of them, they only use their mobile phone moderately. They still use a lot of their fixed telephone at home, their PC for the Internet, their television for entertainment. So why pay more?

A less restrictive alternative? We present to you Source.

Bouygues Telecom came up with the idea of ​​Source. Appearing at the beginning of the year, this new alternative operator aims to be eco-responsible and supportive. He will only offer youa single package, blocked, but rechargeable: 40 GB in 4G for 10 euros per month all round. Because you have to be realistic: banning videos on their phone won’t last long against your teen, and 40 GB might be a good compromise.

And if we tell you that, in addition, the plan is adjusted each month as closely as possible to actual consumption, and that if there are gigabytes left unused, you can turn them into donations to support projects on the solidarity platform ? So take a look:

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Are blocked packages “has been”? Sosh persists.

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