AppsFlyer Reveals 2023 Mobile Marketing Predictions

AppsFlyer revealed exclusively to CB News its predictions for Mobile Marketing in 2023. application of App Tracking Transparency (ATT) in April 2021. One year later, nearly one in two French mobile users refuse advertising tracking on iOS in France. 2023 should be another pivotal year for a sector that will continue to transforming in the age of privacy,” the mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform said.

First prediction: the proprietary media (owned media) will experience a major boom. Next year, marketers will face two major challenges: the pursuit of privacy innovations and economic uncertainty. Depending on the platform, we will therefore probably see an increase in investments in proprietary media (email, social networks, web, etc.). Their use is based on first party data for which customers have given their consent, and therefore do not present any confidentiality problem. Finally, marketers typically use their own channels, making this a generally more cost-effective approach, rather than running paid acquisition campaigns.

Second, privacy-enhancing technologies, such as data clean rooms, will ramp up. Data clean rooms are secure environments where multiple parties can collaborate on batches of sensitive and restricted data. They have traditionally been used in environments such as healthcare, insurance and finance where data is historically sensitive, and are now gaining momentum in mobile marketing. Data clean rooms allow brands and partners to share data and inform each other, while preserving the privacy of their users, by not sharing any personally identifiable information or raw data. Developments in cryptographic solutions, such as homomorphic encryption, will also make it possible to generate information from encrypted data, without having to decrypt it.

Third prediction: Marketers who can prove the ROI of their spend, and therefore continue to spend wisely, will have an edge over the competition. According to the study, by looking at previous difficult economic times, such as Covid, companies that have continued to invest are those that have had the best results. Marketers should therefore seek to make the most of their budgets. Techniques such as incrementality, aimed at measuring the performance of campaigns, or the use of the brand’s own channels, will be essential here.

Another prediction is that subscription apps will face a tougher time due to more constrained consumer spending. They will therefore have to experiment with new business models to continue to grow, such as the launch by Netflix of a new offer including advertising in its content. Finally, AppsFlyer also predicts a decrease in consumer spending. According to the platform, the pressure will intensify to reach the right people with the right marketing message.

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AppsFlyer Reveals 2023 Mobile Marketing Predictions

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