AppsFlyer relies on clean data rooms for its marketing data

AppsFlyer today launches its Data Clean Room solution, a secure and private environment dedicated to collaboration. This is a central pillar of the AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud, an open, trusted platform dedicated to innovation that aims to improve the end-user experience while protecting their privacy.

AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room allows app developers to securely come together and generate insights from their first-hand data – First party data as well as their marketing conversion data. As a result, app developers are able to accurately calculate and take informed action on their marketing campaigns, increasing ROI while protecting customer privacy.

“After a successful closed beta, we are excited to launch a key pillar of AppsFlyer’s Privacy Cloud. Clients using our Data Clean Room have been able to measure and optimize campaigns using a single, holistic multi-channel view of their marketing actions while enabling them to comply with privacy and data regulations as well as platform guidelines. said Edik Mitelman, General Manager, Privacy Cloud, AppsFlyer.

By design, the Data Clean Room allows application developers to align with the privacy regulations they must comply with. Additionally, AppsFlyer has strict privacy measures in place to ensure user privacy is maintained. Application developers have full control over the data running in the data cleanroom, allowing them to define their own business logic, compliance and data governance, while leveraging preservation technologies of privacy.

“The Data Clean Room is a point of contact that allows us to highlight our ability to measure 100% of the performance of our campaigns. This is crucial for our business because it allows us to continue to create exceptional user experiences while preserving their privacy,” comments Maxime Doussin, CTO, MWM.

In December 2021, AppsFlyer announced its Privacy Cloud, a private environment for app developers and their partners to securely collaborate and perform analytics within defined guidelines and configurations. AppsFlyer’s Data Clean Room is the first of many technology implementations of the Privacy Cloud vision. Other such technologies will include Advanced Homomorphic (HE) Encryption and Private Set Intersection in partnership with Intel, Multiparty Computing, Differential Privacy and Aggregate Conversion Modeling.

“The future of the Internet depends on the interoperability and collaboration of the entire ecosystem. AppsFlyer Privacy Cloud’s mission is to enable this cross-ecosystem collaboration to maximize customer experience, value, security, and privacy. said Oren Kaniel, CEO and co-founder, AppsFlyer. “

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AppsFlyer relies on clean data rooms for its marketing data

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