Apple CarPlay against Android Automotive, a titanic duel is brewing

Between Tesla, which designed its own OS, and Google, which is putting Android Automotive everywhere, Apple was doing the minimum in the automotive sector. CarPlay was just a copy of the iPhone with a revamped interface. In 2022, Apple is going much further.

With the increasing size and number of screens inside cars, change was needed. Especially by integrating deeper into the vehicle. When WWDC 2022Apple has shown that it is working with automakers to go a long way.

Apple is getting closer to the automobile. The new CarPlay controls your whole car, including AC and speedometer. Apple wants to offer an OS that does everything. #WWDC22

— Numerama (@Numerama) June 6, 2022

The CarPlay interface now uses several screens, including the dashboard, so it includes key data from the car. You can adjust the ventilation and check its speed.

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 22.20.15

This interface necessarily requires a much stronger collaboration with car manufacturers since the integration goes all the way. Apple also said the new system will allow drivers to customize the CarPlay experience using colors, backgrounds and layouts for the screens, as well as different themes and styles for the instrument gauge cluster.

Screenshot 2022-06-06 at 22.20.08

Apple is known to be working internally on a self-driving electric car, but the company has never announced anything. This new CarPlay integration is certainly the closest thing to the Apple car, however, we will have to wait to find out how this will be integrated. Is it a new version of CarPlay with similar operation or is it a deeper integration of the Apple OS within the car itself? From what we understand, this new CarPlay is located between Android Auto (screen mirroring) and Android Automotive OS (system integrated into the car).


Google is one step ahead

Apple is already late. Google is about to impose Android-Automotive, the American group wants to orchestrate electronics, which are increasingly present in cars. This is an “automotive” version of the system which already equips four out of five mobile phones in the world… We already find Android Automotive, as an infotainment system, at Volvo, Ford, Lucid, Stellantis or even Renault .

As showed You’re herethe automobile is changing: they are now full of electronic components in shambles, they have a large screen as a dashboard, software applications for management and access to the various functions and applications, software that is sufficient to update in OTA to add new functions…

Android Automotive on the Volvo XC40 100% Electric Charging

The stakes of this transformation by the software are important. They imply a complete change in the economic model of the sector. This explains the significant investment of Google and Qualcomm in Formula 1 and Formula E.

Megane E-tech2
This time it’s Android Automotive on the new Renault Megane E-Tech

In this new model, the value of the connected vehicle is boosted by artificial intelligence, data and software. Google’s ambitions in the sector then become clear. Until now, Google has been winning the car operating system battle almost quietly. Now it’s a little more visible.

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Apple CarPlay against Android Automotive, a titanic duel is brewing

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