App Store: the price of a subscription may increase without user validation

app store logo icon ios 11This is a novelty that has been in testing since the beginning of the year, Apple now allows developers to better manage the pricing of their monthly renewal subscription. The Californian giant now tolerates the price increase of a subscription without interrupting the billing cycle at the user. However, there will be some limits to avoid abuse.

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In many applications, there are subscriptions that are renew every monththis is common in dating, streaming, online press apps… Until now, if the developer were to change the pricing of his subscription, the user had to approve manually continuation of his subscription.

Today, this approach no longer exists. Indeed, developers now have permission to change the pricing of a subscription overnight without manual validation of the user. As a result, if you pay for a subscription and it changes price, you will continue to pay for it without action on your part.

However, this technique has some boundaries.
Apple has put in place some restrictions to prevent certain developers from abusing and changing a subscription from €0.99/month to €99/month.

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With this upheaval, several standards are essential:

  • When a tariff change takes place, the user is immediately notified by email several days before the renewal of the subscription. On this point, Apple prefers to take care of it, the company will send you simultaneously: a emaila message in the relevant application and an push-notification. With these three means of communication, you will not be able to say that you were not informed and that you did not have time to unsubscribe.
  • The price increase for a monthly renewing subscription cannot exceed $5.
  • The price increase for an annual renewal subscription cannot exceed $50.
  • The increase in the price of a subscription cannot be done more than once a year. The developer will have to wait 12 months between each price change (upwards). However, he can always lower the price of his subscription several times a year.

On the Apple Developer site, the Cupertino company explains to developers:

Auto-renewing subscriptions are a great way to give people access to your app’s premium content, services, or features. And Apple continues to set the bar by making it easy and seamless for subscribers to view, cancel or manage their subscriptions. Our comprehensive approach includes providing email, push notifications and in-app messages to notify subscribers of upcoming changes and how to manage their subscriptions, or cancel if they prefer.

With this update, under certain specific conditions and with prior notice from the user, the developers may also offer an increase in the price of the auto-renewing subscription, without the user needing to take any action and without interrupting the service.

What if developers exceed these limits?

A developer wants to increase his subscription by more than 5 dollars per month or more than 50 dollars per month?
He will be able to if he wishes, however, we instantly revert to the old system which obliges the user to manually validate the maintenance of the activity of his subscription.

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App Store: the price of a subscription may increase without user validation

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