Angoulême: on the internet, we like its bars, less its streets

Or : “ The inhabitants really believe that Angoulême is the top of the top when this city clearly reeks of defeat. » These are excerpts…

Or : “ The inhabitants really believe that Angoulême is the top of the top when this city clearly reeks of defeat. » These are excerpts from comments about Angoulême on the website.which lists 117 evaluations with an overall score of 5.41 out of 10 (see also opposite).

Ghost town outside the festival

Dead city outside the festival, shops closing one by one towards the outskirts “, complains “PaSang”. An observation that can be made in many medium-sized towns in France. “Arcane” points to the “ roads in a deplorable state, rutted roads, potholes […], Espace Franquin ugly, all blackened gray. Lighting at night to deplore with these old yellow bulbs, it looks like time has stopped in the Middle Ages. »

The state of the road collects the greatest number of reviews on the internet.

Photo CL

Some Internet users are more constructive, so “FireCat” likes “the city on a human scale where life is good to start a family, affordable real estate prices, ideal sea/mountain location, Paris with the TGV […]very pretty ramparts, shops…”but regrets certain achievements “like the Champ de Mars, a catastrophic project which led to the desertification of this space, too bad”.

Bar managers are popular on the net

Special mention for bar owners who are popular on the internet. ” The bar managers are very nice », for Sourire Angoulême. “ In terms of bars, the small district in the city center of Angoulême is more active than Limoges…” provides “All-return” on the website, and qualifies as “ serious mistake for having left Angoulême for Limoges..

But what do the Angoumoisins think of this avalanche of negative comments, not always in good faith? A short visit to Les Halles confirms some critics by further emphasizing the city’s attractions. The quality of the condition of the streets and car parks is unanimously against it: “ I’ve been here for thirty years, I don’t understand how it stays like this », Underlines Bob sipping his coffee in Les Halles, which they think have been « very well renovated, a very welcoming place “.

“I like being here especially for the people, and then we are well located in the middle of several terroirs with good products from everywhere, foie gras, cognac, Limousin…” this native Englishman, Angoumoisin at heart, salivates. Annie and Didier, young retirees from Saint-Yrieix like “thea culture, colleges and high schools “but regret” growing insecurity that is not talked about enough in the media “. Reviews brushed aside by Armelle: “ Insecurity is no worse than elsewhere. I regularly go to the theater and walk the streets at night. I have never had a problem. “One everywhere, ball in the center.

The grumpy would like to have Paris in Angoulême

Other criticisms of Bob: The swimming pool, only one and in addition some pools will close. Incomprehensible. » « Cleanliness in the city is also a problem with the incivility of people who take out the trash at any time “, abounds his table neighbor.

The editorial staff advises you

Old Angoulême, a little gem

The strengths of the city? ” Obviously the comic book festival, the French-language film festival and the whole ecosystem that has been created around the image. It’s fabulous, it attracts a lot of people “, adds Armelle who does not exclude that the grumpy will find that we can no longer circulate at this time. “ We can’t stop people from moaning. In the end they would like to have Paris but in Angoulême. And then it takes time to integrate, like everywhere. »

With the small medieval streets, the restaurants, Vieil-Angoulême is a little gem, but people don’t necessarily realize it anymore », philosopher Bob.

What are the ratings of its neighbors?

The overall score obtained by Angoulême on the site is 5.41 out of 10. Culture (6.38) and education (5.89) come first. At the bottom of the ranking, security gets a score of 4.68. An overall score that should be put into perspective insofar as comments began to be left on Angoulême in… 2013.
By way of comparison, the neighboring towns obtain fairly similar ratings: Périgueux (5.77), Poitiers (6.05), Royan (6.45), but it would take about ten fan ratings of around 9 to scores change very quickly.

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Angoulême: on the internet, we like its bars, less its streets

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