An indiscreet eye: the new sulphurous series after 365 days on Netflix

After the steamy polish saga movies 365 daysNetflix marks the start of 2023 with a most sulphurous Brazilian mini-series: A prying eye. The story in 10 episodes of a hacker who observes her neighbor exercising her profession as a sex worker. She will, despite herself, find herself at the heart of a most dangerous investigation…

Many new features are coming to further expand the catalog, already very extensive, of the N rouge platform at the start of 2023. Season 2 of Ginny & GeorgiaThe Pale Blue Eye, detective thriller on Edgar Allan Poe, the phenomenon Kaleidoscopeor an upcoming original creation made in France, In place… So many programs that punctuate the month of January on Netflix. And among these novelties, we note the arrival of a torrid Brazilian mini-series, entitled an indiscreet eye, available from the very first day of the new year.

In the vein of the saga 365 days, Un œil indiscret promises suggested sex scenes, power games, but also and above all a story built like a thriller, against a backdrop of drama. A real added value for this new well-crafted fiction of ten episodes, which was not necessarily present in the Polish saga. While many viewers are still hoping for the arrival of a fourth installment of 365 days on Netflix, they can console themselves with this atypical and torrid Brazilian program.

Voyeurism and criminal investigation are good recipe in this sulphurous thriller

Just watch the trailer forA prying eye to understand that all the elements are there to captivate the eye of viewers. Very seductive actors and actresses, a slick production, and sulphurous scenes mixing sensual, forbidden and drama. The synopsis is as follows: a talented hacker, somewhat voyeuristic, observes the activities of her neighbor, a sex worker, in particular by hacking into the cameras of her building. She can thus observe the comings and goings of the prostitute. One day, the latter asks him to keep her dog, for the space of a weekend. Accepting his proposal, she meets a man, and finds herself involved in a dark murder case. The main character, Miranda, sees her life turned upside down. Will she regret it?

In the main role, we find Débora Nascimento, a real star in Brazil, having notably played in the film Jesus of Nazareth and even The Incredible Hulk. It is Emanuelle Araújo who also takes on the role of Cléo, the neighbor and sex worker, and other playmates such as Gustavo Machado and Nikolas Antunes are added. We can therefore find in A prying eye all these actors, more or less known in France, but acclaimed in South America. In short, this Brazilian mini-series by Marcela Citterio should please you, if you have already binge-watched the whole saga 365 days on Netflix.

Sources: netflix, Cosmopolitan

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An indiscreet eye: the new sulphurous series after 365 days on Netflix

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