Alice in Borderland: the end of season 2 explained

If you are one of those who have already devoured the 8 episodes of season 2 in one sittingAlice in Borderland freshly landed on Netflix, its conclusion has probably led you to ask yourself a lot of questions. The team SFR News has decrypted this final episode for you. What was to be understood? What leads does this end give for a possible season 3? Follow the guide, we explain everything to you.

After two years of waiting, we were finally able to discover the rest of the series Alice in Borderland on Netflix. And if the first season was already rich in twists, action sequences and particularly cruel killings, this new foray into the universe where deadly games are part of everyday life has been even more spectacular and strewn with pitfalls for our heroes. However, Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and his friends have managed to make their way to the final phase of the game. But at what cost? We take stock of this season and its incredible final episode.

Arisu, Usagi and their friends in bad shape

In the second ofAlice in Borderland, the desire to return to the real world is even more at the center of players’ concerns, especially since this return to the fold seems more within their reach than ever. The only person still standing in their way is the Queen of Hearts, aka Mira (Minako Kotobuki). And unsurprisingly, it is Arisu and Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) who have the heavy task of defeating this last and formidable opponent. But it is a challenge that is not easy, and the duo must face many reversals of situation once launched in this quest.

The final episode opens with a mixed triumph for Arisu and the gang. Their assault on the King of Spades ended in victory. The king is dead, and our heroes are one step closer to their longed-for freedom. But they did not come out of this battle unscathed. Kuina and Ann (Aya Asahina and Ayaka Miyosh) appear to have been mortally wounded, as are Aguni (Shô Aoyagi) and new recruit Heiya (Yuri Tsunematsu).

The team isn’t in great shape when the Queen of Hearts’ airship appears, and only Arisu and a stab-wounded Usagi are able to continue the adventure.

The revelations of the Queen of Hearts

They meet Mira in a garden where they are made aware of the task that awaits them: they must participate in three games of croquet. The goal isn’t to win: they just have to make it through those three rounds without giving up if they want to survive. And since it all looks a little too easy, we suspect that unforeseen elements will spice up the game. After Arisu survives the first two rounds, Mira begins her little game, offering a cup of a most dubious tea.

Arisu questions her about what happened in the real world, and the Queen of Hearts makes a revelation that we don’t know what to think. According to her, the games only exist in the head of Arisu, who is in fact hospitalized following a car accident. Mira explains to him that the games are a therapy that a psychiatrist performs on our hero in the real world to help him fight the guilt of having survived this accident which would have cost the lives of his friends. Arisu’s imagination would then bring these games to life in his mind, and Usagi would actually be a patient to whom he was particularly attached.

And the more the hero listens to Mira, the more he detaches himself from his primary goal: to finish the last game of croquet. Usagi pulls him out of the hypnotized state he was in and the pair manage to continue the ordeal. And when they emerge victorious, they ask Mira for an explanation. The Queen reveals that Arisu “will find out soon” the real nature of the game, that he will be presented with two choices and that whatever he chooses, he will have an answer. But before she can say more, she is killed by a laser.

Alice in Borderland: How season 2 episode 8 ends

After the Queen’s death, a booming voice announces that all games have been erased, and as fireworks light up the Borderland skies, surviving players are asked to declare out loud whether or not they accept the “permanent residence” in Borderland. All the players we followed during season 2 refuse, and they are teleported to Tokyo.

They wake up in a hospital and learn that the glow in the sky seen before their arrival in Borderland, was in fact a meteorite. The fall of the latter caused catastrophic consequences and caused many casualties, but those who were in the game survived, although they were injured. They have forgotten all about their journey in the game and the bonds they have created there.

Arisu and Usagi reunite, and they feel like they know each other, but don’t know how. They still decide to walk together in the gardens of the hospital and as the camera moves away from them, we discover a table on which are placed playing cards. The wind makes these cards fly away, and we realize that there is only one left on the surface of the table: the one representing the Joker.

What does the Joker card mean in Alice in Borderland?

The mere presence of this card clearly implies one thing: appearances are deceiving, and we doubt that the players are really out of the woods. The figure of the Joker represents in the collective imagination deception and pretense, and it could be that the players never really left the game. They would in fact have entered a new phase of it, a phase still more dangerous since their memories have been erased and they are no longer aware of what they are exposing themselves to…

Unless that’s just a wink from the showrunners, but regardless, this image makes this conclusion an open ending and open to interpretation. The series could end there, but there are enough questions left unanswered for a Season 3 to be in the works.

What could Alice in Borderland season 3 tell?

Among the points on which we would like to have clarification, there is in particular the question of the developers of the game: who are they? Who controls Borderland? But that’s not all: what did the Queen mean when she talked about the answers Arisu would get? What is the real function of the cards? What exactly is Borderland?

It’s hard to imagine that the saga Alice in Borderland can end without lifting the veil on these mysteries. And if the series is offered a season 3, we may have to doubt everything we thought we learned in the final episode of season 2. So we cross our fingers that Netflix gives creators of the series the opportunity to brainstorm again.

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Alice in Borderland: the end of season 2 explained

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