Adjustable packages are on the rise. But which is better between YouPrice and Prixtel?

Want a mobile subscription that exactly meets your needs, rather than a plan that requires you to pay for things you don’t need? What if you opted for an adjustable plan? Today, two virtual operators compete in this market for flexible offers: Prixtel and YouPrice. But which is more competitive? And by the way, what exactly is an adjustable plan? We enlighten you.

What is an adjustable plan?

Offering you the ideal package for your needs, that’s a summary of what an adjustable package is. The principle of the flexible offer is simple: your mobile plan adapts each month to your data consumption. And not the reverse ! Thus, instead of paying a fixed rate every month, which is often too high, this formula takes into account the volume of data that you have actually used. For this, there is a price list with three different billing levels:

  • A minimum level
  • An intermediate step
  • A maximum level

By subscribing to an adjustable plan, you benefit from many advantages:

  • no more off-plans
  • advantageous rates
  • a package that is not blocked
  • savings made

In terms of the operation of the mobile plan, YouPrice and Prixtel are on the same wavelength: mobile plans with expandable data envelopes, tariffs that adapt according to actual consumption and which are as fair as possible.

At YouPrice as at Prixtel, there are mobile plans with no time commitment, can be canceled at any time without additional costs, and the possibility of keeping your current number thanks to portability. On the price side, the two operators rely on a policy of low prices.

Prixtel’s adjustable packages

Prixtel is based on 3 mobile plan offers: one called Oxygen, the other Le Grand and the third Le Géant:

  • Oxygen (special limited edition available from the end of 2022), up to 50 GB of data, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, from €9.99
  • The big one, between 100 and 140 GB of data, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: from €10.99 for 6 months then €13.99
  • The giant, between 140 and 200 GB of data, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS: from €12.99 the first year then €15.99

Those three Prixtel packages are without commitment of duration and use the SFR network. The operator also relies on strong eco-responsible values, by offering CO2-neutral mobile plans: one tree is planted for each subscription to a Prixtel mobile plan, to limit the environmental impact.

YouPrice adjustable plans

Arriving on the market in 2022, YouPrice has clearly established itself in the world of mobile telephony with its adjustable and low-cost plans. Compared to Prixtel, the offer of mobile plans offered by YouPrice is much wider than that of its competitor. And the first offers are at low rates, as evidenced by the package The One which is accessible from 5.49€/month for one year (then €9.99/month). And the operator even has a Mini formula in its catalog with 100 MB of data for €3.99/month!

Another significant difference is the possibility to choose your network at YouPrice : Orange or SFR, it’s up to you! A real plus to optimize your connection and thus take advantage of the best mobile network at homeLow price!

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Adjustable packages are on the rise. But which is better between YouPrice and Prixtel?

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