Act of vandalism, torn pole, network failure… The galleys of the inhabitants of Sainte-Agnès with the telephone and the Internet

It is an incredible misadventure experienced by the inhabitants of the village of Sainte-Agnès last Tuesday. After the fall of a pole carrying Orange network cables followed by an act of vandalism, the village of 1,200 inhabitants found itself without telephone connections and without Internet for more than 24 hours. The mayor, Albert Filippi, denounces the lack of responsiveness and seriousness of the telecom company.

It all started early last week. “We don’t know exactly what happened, but an Orange pole carrying telephone cables was torn off by a truck at Chemin de Saint-Sébastien, at the entrance to the village.retraces the aedile.

A technical team from Orange then intervenes from Wednesday 15 June. Problem: they don’t really fix the incident. The mayor is not even informed of their passage.

Unfinished intervention and severed cables

“They simply pushed the torn pole and they left the wires balanced on site markers with ribbons before leaving”indicates the chosen one.

“As early as Thursday morning, I was arrested by residents because the damaged post was blocking the entrances and exits to the neighborhood. People could not take their car to go to work, they went there by bus! I called Orange, who told me that they didn’t understand what had happened, and that a team would be back.”

The week passes, without any technical team reappearing on the scene. “On Sunday, I explodedcontinues the mayor. I called the gendarmerie, because we had a risk of another accident all the same, and I called Orange back in a more furious tone, asking them for an emergency intervention. The company certifies to him that a team will pass on Tuesday, June 21.

On D-Day, the team calls the chosen one to tell him that finally, it will not pass before June 27 “due to a technical incident”. At the same time, the mayor learns that some telephone cables, laid outside next to the damaged pole, have been cut.

“It’s just outrageous!”

Because of this act of vandalism, the whole village is left without a network. “Residents no longer had television or the Internet to work from home, shopkeepers could no longer use bank card machines or cash registers… In short, there was no longer any means of communication in Sainte-Agnès. Which poses a big problem for an isolated village like ours, if ever something serious had happened…”protests Albert Filippi.

After yet another call, an Orange team returned on the spot this Thursday morning, and the network was restored in the village. But the mayor does not take off: “This is simply outrageous and unacceptable! Especially since we have already had problems with Orange for a similar problem on the departmental road to Castagnins – a team intervened after four months – and we have network cables still on the ground on the road to Haut Cabrolles since the 2019 bad weather. To date, no one from Orange services has taken an interest in this situation, which has been repeatedly reported to the company and the administrative authorities. What’s going on in this business? They have to realize that something is wrong!”.

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Act of vandalism, torn pole, network failure… The galleys of the inhabitants of Sainte-Agnès with the telephone and the Internet

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