Accelerates: one year after the creation of Aldous, Mélanie Nechachby inaugurates her website

I launched my site exactly a year after the creation of my brand. Three months ago, we left designer Mélanie Nechachby with a series of challenges to complete in order to develop her clothing brand unisex, ethical and eco-responsible Aldous. The entrepreneur, who sources her raw materials from a recycling center or Secours Catholique; created her brand in May 2021. Since then, she has been using an ESAT (Establishment and service of assistance through work) to help her produce more stock. Mélanie then told us of her ambition to open an e-commerce site to develop her clothing brand. Today, the young woman has won her bet.

Mid-term review: an e-shop and a point of sale

It is symbolic, one year after the creation of its clothing brand eco-responsible Aldous, Mélanie Nechachby puts her e-commerce site online. “ This launch is something I’ve been waiting for for a really long time. I’ve been working on the e-shop for months and I’m very happy that it’s online. says the entrepreneur. After creating her site with a professional, Mélanie had to learn how to make it work, create product sheets and communicate around this new device. “ There is a whole lot of work involved in discovering and getting to grips with the e-shop, to which is added the meticulous exercise of stock management “. The designer only works in just-in-time fashion, with one model per size, so she has to be careful not to have duplicates in her sales. Especially since now, Aldous’ items are on display at “Boutique Chouette”, a small designer store located in the old center of Rennes. It is in particular thanks to Floriane Masse, her contact at France Active Bretagne within the framework of the Accelerator Creation ofEntrepreneurship For All that the designer has made this lovely partnership.

With a new website and a point of sale in the city center, Mélanie Néchachby ensures the proper development of her brand. ” Now, for Melanie, the next step is to increase sales says Floriane Masse, notably thanks to her new website but also by being referenced in designer boutiques such as Boutique Chouette. “ It will then be necessary to subcontract a large part of the production so that Mélanie can concentrate on the creation of value and finally find external financing via national associations. she adds.

See you in four months for the last episode with Mélanie Nechachby, at the end of her two years of training with BGE and France Active Bretagne as part of Bpifrance’s Entrepreneurship For All program.

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Accelerates: one year after the creation of Aldous, Mélanie Nechachby inaugurates her website

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