A new website for Action Logement

Initiated since December 2020, the project to redesign the Action Logement site was completed at the start of 2022. The new platform, online since January 31, offers its various users (employees, companies, social landlords, partners and local authorities); dedicated navigation, but also more ergonomics, more fluidity and more speed.

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Housing action, for whom, for what?

Action Logement is a system formerly known as “1% employer” or “1% housing”. Since January 1, 2017, Action Logement has brought together the 20 interprofessional housing committees (CIL) dedicated to housing assistance. Its objective is to support employees in obtaining various loans, aid or subsidies. To do this, the organization manages, among other things, the PEEC (Employers’ Participation in the Construction Effort)… The contribution paid by all private sector companies with at least 20 employees. Although the system is aimed at everyone, Action Logement’s priority targets are young working people on low wages or on the move, as well as those who have suffered one (or more) life accident(s) that have generated significant revenue declines. Overall, the vocation of Action Logement is to “facilitate access to housing to promote employment”, based on two pillar missions: Support employees in their residential and professional mobility, Build and finance social housing and intermediaries.

With the new site: everyone has their own info!

The platform brings together 5 distinct profiles (employee, company, lessor, partner, or local authority). The Internet user informs his status when he connects to his space and then benefits from a personalized navigation: The employee can find out about the products and services offered by Action Logement. He is accompanied in the constitution of his file. He can follow the latter in his personal space “follow my file”, and can also obtain a contact adapted to his request. The company can be advised and discover, in a few clicks, all the aid and services offered to its employees. The social landlord can filter his request for support according to the nature of his project and visualize all the mechanisms on which he will be able to rely. Partners and local authorities have access to an important center of documentary resources. The “Employee” profile is the one that has changed the most compared to the old site. It has in fact been enriched with new functionalities allowing the user to focus his research in relation to specific situations (dealing with economic difficulties, finding accommodation, acquiring property or even finding the best financing to carry out work …). Depending on the situation presented, he will have access to the most relevant offers, financial aid and loans. The new “Action Logement – ​​Facilitating housing to promote employment” site is also enriched with very “practical” functionalities such as the housing orientation test, as well as various guides and videos.

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A new website for Action Logement

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