5G package: a UFO lands and promises a fixed price from 10 euros

Christmas is approaching, the magic seizes our operators, and all are busy to offer us more attractive offers than the others. So today, focus on the latest generation offers, to celebrate 2 years of 5G deployment in France. We have decided to help you make your choice thanks to our 5G mobile plan comparator. And in this avalanche of special series and other limited offers, a UFO appeared in the landscape.

An original in the landscape of alternative suppliers: the young Youprice

Based in Lille, the digital virtual operator Youprice appears this year, in March 2022. First originality, and not least: Youprice is, to our knowledge, the only operator that gives you the choice of your network: SFR or Orange in this case. You will decide the day of the order, and to be sure of choosing well, do not hesitate to check the mobile coverage of each operator near you:

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L’Youprice offer is reduced, discount, without commitment and always less than 20 euros, at least the first year. In call price, Youprice offers 2 mini-packages : at 2 and 4 euros, depending on whether you are satisfied with 2 hours of calls, or whether you opt for unlimited calls.

More original, its range of 4 packages with data offers pricing by data consumption bracket : a small format up to 30 GB, 60 to 110 GB for unrestricted use, 110 to 150 GB for streaming enthusiasts, and finally a maxi pack of 160 to 220 GB, one of the largest in the market for less than 20 euros.

Each package is broken down into 3 levelsand depending on your monthly consumption, and your bill changes automatically.

Compare 4G and 5G offers from Youprice.

Finally settled! Youprice’s adaptable package

We give you an example with the darling of the editorial staff. It’s about Le One package, to which we add the 5G option at €5.for more comfort. It is the entry level of Youprice. With unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, possible over Wi-Fi, Youprice adds a range of 10 to 30 GB of Internet data consumption, and it’s a bit like the market: it’s €5.99 for the basic 10 GB , and we add 1 euro for each additional 10 GB.

Thereby :

  • if you have consumed the minimum, i.e. 10 GB maximum this month, your bill is €5.99 for the basic package + €5 for the 5G option = €10.99 per month the 1st year, then €14.99 the second year, rate guaranteed for life.
  • if you have consumed the minimum, i.e. 30 GB, your bill is €5.99 for the basic plan + 2 * €1 for the additional 20 GB + €5 for the 5G option = €12.99 per month the 1st year, then €19.99 the second year, rate guaranteed for life.

So if you want to make a long-term commitment, or even for life, and no longer have to chase offers every year, while being sure that your bill will always adapt to your actual consumption, the Youprice operator is a very good option, and its really practical Le One Package.

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5G package: a UFO lands and promises a fixed price from 10 euros

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