5G for less than 10 euros, you dreamed of it? Free did it!

While the trend is rather upward – both in mobile data but also and above all in prices – Free offers a trick to halve the price of its 5G mobile plan. Simply choose the Free 5G plan and associate it with the Freebox Pop internet offer. An exclusive and very competitive combination that allows the most “popular” free users to benefit from a mobile offer… at half price!

Free cuts prices. Again !

Two years straight after the deployment of 5G in France began and Free won the prize ahead of the 3 other incumbent operators, Orange, SFR, and Bouygues Telecom. Nowadays, it offers the best 5G coverage ratenearly 87% of French people in November, particularly in rural areas where it is well ahead of its competitors.

In the kingdom of 5G mobile subscriptions available on the marketnow diversified and competitive, Free has also been able to come out on top. As on the first day, it is through its aggressive pricing policy that it stands out, particularly on the Freebox Pop pack + Free 5G plan.

Let’s be specific about the pricing conditions of the offer : the package Free 5G, with calls/SMS/MMS and mobile internet is half price with the Freebox Pop subscription. Its price thus goes from 19.99 to 9.99€/month, without commitment, and without time limit!

The offer is all the more exceptional on the market in that in addition to a discount on the subscription, Free takes the opportunity to boost the data bucket from 210 GB to… unlimited! In other words, you can use your Free package without limit, just as if you were connected to Wi-Fi at home. Whether you consume 10 Giga or 10 Tera-bytes, you will not be restricted, blocked or overcharged. We bow before so much audacity.

Let’s summarize: the Pack “Freebox + Mobile” is on sale at 29.99 + 9.99 = 39.98€ the first yearand climbs to 39.99 + 9.99 = 49.98€ the second year.

10 euros, 5G, and a mind-blowing list of services

thing promised, thing due, we tested the Freebox Pop offer for you, and gathered below the more than generous list of services associated with the Freebox Pop of your house:

  • a promise of 5 Gb/s throughput to avoid any slowdown on the connection despite simultaneous use
  • an Android TV decoder, with its OQEE control interface, to control the replay or share its screens, with hours of recording available, with also free access applications like the exclusive Free Ligue 1 application, for football fans
  • a repeater Wi-Fi included free of charge on request
  • of many video on demand services offered, for the whole family: Canal+ Series for addicts of short-format meetings, Amazon Prime for movie buffs, and Disney+ for anime fans, young and old.

A fiber box and a 5G package for less than 40 euros? This could well be one of your good resolutions for next year!

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5G for less than 10 euros, you dreamed of it? Free did it!

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