50 of the best jokes found on the internet

Whether or not we like to be told them, the jokesare goodfor the spirits. Here is our selection of the top 50 best jokes found on the Internet.

The 50 best jokes on the web

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A funny raccoon doing the rock sign. Credit: Sonsedska

Laugh, it’s good for morale and health, and there is nothing better than a good joke to have a good time alone, as a couple, with family or friends. If you’re looking for a source of relaxation on your small touchscreen or touchscreen, you’ve come to the right place. From the exploits of the invincible Chuck Norris to the adventures of toto, dark humor to quotes funnydiscover on this page the top 50 best jokes unearthed on the Internet. This selection covers themes as varied as animals, women’s or men’s stories, and many more.

1 – Rodent joke

Funny image showing a mouse in a shoe. Credit: Liudmila Chernetska

What is a bat with a wig? A mouse !

2 – Magic dog and humor

A magic dog. Credit: Irina Kashaeva

What do you call a magical Labrador dog? A labracadabrador!

3 – Funny joke about Chuck Norris and the Empire

This is how Chuck Norris gets a tattoo. Credit: pinterest

If Chuck Norris attacks the Empire, the Empire does not strike back.

4 – Chuck Norris can count

Funny joke about Chuck Norris. Credit: pinterest

Chuck Norris has already counted to infinity. Twice.

5 – A good alcohol-based joke

The image of a true connoisseur. Credit: pinterest

Alcohol is not part of my vodkabular. Wait, I’ll look on whiskypedia!

6 – Joke about the invisible man who visits his family

Who are the parents of the invisible man? Credit: pinterest

Where does the invisible man go on vacation? At his transparencies.

7 – Joke on a cow when she closes her eyes

A cow closing its eyes. Credit: middelveld

Animal joke selection: “What does a cow do when it has its eyes closed? She makes condensed milk.

8 – Best husband in the world joke

Praise the best husband in the world. Credit: pinterest

A woman discusses with a friend: I have a golden husband. The other replies: mine is in jail.

9 – Joke about the hamster’s wife

A hamster with Santa Claus. Credit: raw

Selection of jokes on animals“Who is the hamster’s wife?” Amsterdam”!

10 – Charcuterie story

A story of good people and bad friends. Credit: pinterest

What is the ham that everyone hates? The dirty friend.

11 – Joke on the hairstyle of a footballer

World champion themed hairstyle. Credit: pinterest

Selection of jokesabout sports: “What does a footballer ask of his hairdresser? World Cup “.

12 – Joke about the discussion between two guys

A man with his end of the world special stock. Credit: ajr_images

Two guys discuss: What would you do if today was the end of the world? The other responds: I will shoot anything that moves, and you? Answer: I will not move.

13 – Joke about the origin of the pig

History of snout and pig. Credit: pinterest

Of what country come the pigs? Of the 4 snouts of the world.

14 – History of sea green cabbage

Photo of a sea crambe or sea kale. Credit: pinterest

What is green and moves underwater? A sea kale.

15 – Nuts and joke

History of nuts, broccoli, mushrooms. Credit: pinterest

What does a hazelnut that falls in the water say? Help, I’m nuts!

16 – Joke on Toto

Toto at school. Credit: pinterest

Toto is at school. The mistress asks him: Toto, conjugate me in the future tense, the sentence “the thief was arrested yesterday”. ” He’s in jail, ma’am !

17 – Selection of animal jokes: alligator

The eyes of the investigating alligator. Credit: passion4nature

What do you call an investigating alligator? A invest-gator.

18 – Joke pun

Funny pun. Credit: pinterest

Where do the most dangerous people come from? From Angers!

19 – Dark Humor: Not to Prank a Police Officer

The way you look when someone tells you a joke like that. Credit: pinterest

Hello, police? I just crushed a chicken, what should I do? “Well, pluck it and cook it on gas 6”. Oh good ! And what do I do with the motorbike?

20 – Joke about a mother who calls her son a geek

History of the symbol of a geek. Credit: pinterest

What does a mother say to her geeky son when dinner is served? ” Alt tab! “.

21 – Joke about an oar and a ram lover

Photo of a geek. Credit: BartekSzewczyk

What does a geek do when he gets off the metro? It frees the RAM.

22 – Joke about the relationship between animals and computers

The pig, one of the most advanced animals. Credit: pinterest

What is the most connected animal? the usb pig.

23 – Gardener joke

A gardener showing a product from the vegetable garden to his relatives. Credit: Gargonia

What does a gardener do when he lies? He talks about salads.

24 – Joke on the series Mr. and Mrs.

Quote sir and madam have a daughter. Credit: pinterest

Monsieur and Madame Honnête have a daughter, what’s her name? Camille (van).

25 – Another joke about Mr. and Mrs.

Image from the series Mr and Mrs have a son and a daughter. Credit: pinterest

Monsieur and Madame Renault have a daughter, what is her name? Megane.

26 – Animal and car joke

Photo of a dog and his car. Credit: aerogondo

What is the only animal that feeds its own car? The goatbecause she feeds her kid milk.

27 – Two guys chatting in a bar

Series of “two friends chatting” jokes. Credit: pinterest

Two friends discuss: do you believe in life after death? “No I don’t believe it, and you? “. Well, I didn’t believe it, but since my mother-in-law died, I’m living again.

28 – Pisces without a home

A smiling fish. Credit: Watcha

Why do fish no longer have a home? Because we have them trout.

29 – Harry Potter Joke

Funny Harry Potter themed image. Credit: pinterest

Why does Potter is sad ? Because nobody Harry at his joke.

30 – Joke about the two grains of sand discussing

Funny image of a dog on the beach. Credit: Ирина Мещрякова

Two grains of sand arrive at the beach. One says to the other: “damn, it’s shielded today”.

31 – Toto is still being talked about

Image Toto’s best jokes. Credit: pinterest

The teacher asks Toto: “Are there people on the moon?” “. “Of course, it’s always on!” “.

32 – Lemon Joke

Image of 2 lemon quarters. Credit: pinterest

What is yellow and runs fast? A squeezed lemon.

33 – Love before marriage?

Image showing funny wedding. Credit: ajr_images

Two old friends are talking. One of them is a womanizer, the other is more shy. The latter is thoughtful, he recently married. He says to his friend: “You see, I never made love with my wife before our marriage, and you? “. I don’t know, what’s your wife’s name?

34 – Beauty Story

Photo of a real beauty. Credit: Natalie Maro

A son asks his father: “Dad, what is beauty? “. Do you see your mother? ” Yes “. Well, that’s not it.

35 – Cat Dance Joke

Funny picture of dancing cats. Credit: Nataba

What’s a cat’s favorite dance? The Cha Cha Cha.

36 – Illness Music Joke

Funny picture of a sick freelancer. Credit: AntonioGuillem

Who is the disease’s favorite musician? Bach-teries.

37 – Vegan Joke

Funny image showing a vegan with a lettuce leaf mask. Credit: ajr_images

What is a vegan’s favorite weapon? throws itrocket.

38 – Joke on a pale nose

Funny photo of a local resident tanning his nose. Credit: Parichart Thongmee

In which country do people not tan their noses? At Nepal.

39 – History between light and heavy

Funny image of a clam on the beach. Credit: inside-studio

What is the lightest crustacean in the sea? The clam!

40 – Funny Bump Number Story

A funny dromedary takes a picture of himself. Credit: Chalabala

A camel says to a dromedary: “How are you? “. Fine, I work, how about you? “I work, I work! “.

41 – Encounter between a dog and a crocodile

Image of a funny crocodile. Credit: evenfh

A dog meets a crocodile. The crocodile says to the dog: “Hi, fleabag! “. The dog responds: “Hi, purse! “.

42 – Tale of teeth and eyes

Photo of a smiling senior getting out of a bus. Credit: DisobeyArt

What has 123 teeth and 2 eyes? A crocodile. What has 123 eyes and 2 teeth? A bus carrying elderly people.

43 – History of steak tar tar

A funny little dog waiting for a piece of steak. Credit: NATALIA ANDREEVA

What is Russia’s favorite meat? The Tsar Tsar Steak.

44 – Joke about the argument between two ducks

Funny image showing cooperation between two ducks, but no argument. Credit: undefined undefined

What do you call two ducks who are arguing? A duck conflict.

45 – Black humor joke, sensitive soul warned

A clown makes a bad joke with a chainsaw. Credit: LuckyBusiness

“Didn’t you feel anything when you cut up your wife before cooking her?” the judge asks the condemned man. “Yes, yes, at one point, I started crying”. “Ah, anyway, and when”? “When I cut the onions! “.

46 – Toto’s umpteenth joke

Toto’s sleep issues. Credit: pinterest

Toto tells a friend: “My mistress is weird. The other day while I was chatting with my cousin, she said, ‘Separate or I’ll stick you’.

47 – Spaniards’ favorite bar joke

Friends partying in a bar. Credit: jacoblund

What is the favorite bar of the Spaniards? Barcelona.

48 – Funny Potatoes

Puree story. Credit: zefirchik06

This is the story of 2 potatoes crossing the road. One of them gets crushed, and the other says “oh! Mash potatoes “.

49 – Dracula Joke

A funny mummy for Halloween. Credit: Stamatoyoshi

What is Count Dracula called? My Tapper.

50 – Humor and seriousness

Santa Claus fell, but not seriously. Credit: radvanyifx

Will an astronaut who commits a crime in space be punished? No, because it is a minor crime.

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50 of the best jokes found on the internet

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