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Like every weekend, we meet on NextPit for my selection of 5 free or paid mobile applications and games that caught my eye on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

I try every week to offer you the best apps possibilities that are not personal data traps or microtransaction nests. To my own findings, I also add the apps unearthed by the NextPit community and shared on our forum, which I invite you to consult.

From mobile games to productivity apps, here are the 5 apps android/iOS free and paid from NextPit this week. We publish this selection every week, you can also consult my 5 apps of the week last.

Free Game – Zoo 2: Animal Park
Your Animals, Your Success, Your Zoo Game

Madhur AI: Text to speech TTS (Android)

We start with an Android accessibility application that allows text to be read by voice synthesis in several languages. You can scan or import your texts in printed, PDF or eBook or other versions and easily transcribe them via OCR (optical character recognition).

You can then choose from 127 female and male voices in 27 different languages ​​(the app cannot translate your text). You can also choose the speaking speed for the voiceover. The app is free and contains no ads, but you have a limit of 400 scanned words. To benefit from an unlimited number, it will be necessary to pay 2.99 euros per month, 20.99 euros per year or consent to a single purchase of 29.99 euros.

  • Price: free / Ads: no / In-app purchases: yes (€2.99 to €29.99) / Account: not necessary / French language: no

The app offers 127 male and female voiceovers in 27 languages ​​/ © NextPit

Sofa: Downtime Organizer (iOS)

This iOS productivity application is there to optimize, not your efficiency at work but at relaxation. Yes, the gaming or reading sessions spent sprawled on your sofa or your bed, well that’s getting organized.

Ah what a life not knowing what game to play this weekend, huh? We have problems, say so. Rest assured, with Sofa, you can schedule your relaxation moments by listing, prioritizing and programming which book you want to read, which movie you want to watch or which video game you want to play.

The paid version also allows you to customize your lists (cover image, description, etc.), to create notes for certain elements, to have more precise statistics on your activities, to have a news feed with all your elements listed, etc. But at 3.99 euros per month or 35.99 euros per year for a 1-person subscription, I find it far too expensive.

  • Price: free / Ads: no / In-app purchases: yes (€3.99 to €35.99) / Account: not necessary / French language: no
5 Sofa apps of the week

Because we don’t mess with relaxation! / © NextPit

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Backtrack (Android)

This Android app claims to be able to “calculate” your nostalgic musical period and offers you several cult tunes meant to remind you of the good old days.

Concretely, the application simply considers periods between 10 and 20 years depending on your year of birth. The idea is that we are more likely to be nostalgic for songs released when we were teenagers or in our twenties.

Unfortunately, the app didn’t offer me those 2000s anthems that are Hey ho! by Tragedy, Façon Sex by Tribal King and Femme Like U by K.Maro.

  • Price: free / Ads: no / In-app purchases: no / Account: not necessary / French language: no
5 Apps of the Week BackTrack

The app “estimates” your nostalgic period based on your date of birth / © NextPit

CoffeeRatio (Android)

Everything, really everything can be a niche with its community of purists. Everyone has their own, who am I to judge anyway? Coffee Ratio is for espresso aficionados and other elite baristas who want to perfectly dose their brew.

The app calculates the amount of coffee based on the total brew (oz, ml) even if you mix two different types of beans. It also offers an easily accessible stopwatch at the top of the screen. You get an estimate of how much coffee you’ll need if you’re in a hurry and don’t have access to a scale.

The application is paid, without ads or in-app purchases and its interface is very easy to understand. At the same time, take someone high because he has a Nespresso capsule machine while you grind your seeds by hand directly imported from Colombia by Toucan with a cast iron grinder bequeathed by your great-grand -Father, it’s priceless!

  • Price: €1.09 / Ads: no / In-app purchases: no / Account: not necessary / French language: no
5 Coffee Ratio apps of the week

You can precisely dose your coffee with Coffee Ratio / © NextPit

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Love is… in small things (Android & iOS)

As a single person, my great passion is watching other people be happy. It’s really great and so good for my morale. Oh dear, how beautiful is love. But I don’t have time for that, I have an unlockable golden camo on a submachine gun in Call of Duty Mobile. In short, I have a life.

But I will make an exception in my very busy daily life for the game Love is… in small things or “Love is made of small things.” It’s a puzzle game and visual puzzles in a cartoon and watercolor style. The story is centered around love, the couple, emotional health. The game’s soundtrack is very soothing, I find.

You follow a series of paintings that represent black and white pencil drawings that you have to “color”. To do this, you must find a series of elements – numbers, shapes or symbols – scattered throughout the painting and more or less well hidden. Imagine a “Where’s Charlie?”, to put it simply. Each time you find a hidden item, you bring part of the board to life and advance the story.

The game offers 300 levels divided into 30 chapters but the game contains ads which you can get rid of by buying the full version for 5.49 euros.

  • Price: free / Ads: no / In-app purchases: yes (€5.49) / Account: not necessary / French language: no

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5 new Android and iOS applications to install on your smartphone | NextPit

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