2022 World Cup: Saudi and Japanese surprises, the Giroud-Mbappé duo, Richarlison’s scissor… the World Cup seen by social networks

The third day of the group stage of the World Cup begins this Tuesday in Qatar. After another week of competition, social networks were still on fire during the matches thanks to the exploits of the stars. From the galleys of Argentina and Germany against Saudi Arabia and Japan to the goals of Kylian Mbappé, Olivier Giroud, Richarlison or Cristiano Ronaldo, RMC Sport and Visibrain continue their analysis of the 2022 World Cup.

The suspense remains after the first two days of the groups of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. If France, Brazil and Portugal have already qualified for the round of 16 of the tournament, almost all the other selections can still hope to join them. Even Argentina who were surprised by Saudi Arabia before dominating Mexico. Even Germany after its defeat against Japan and even Belgium corrected by Morocco. Every week, RMC Sport, in partnership with the monitoring tool Visibrain*, analyzes the tournament seen by social networks.

After a fanfare start where the competition made a lot of people talk for good or bad, the World Cup continues to generate great enthusiasm among Internet users. Although the total number of publications has fallen slightly (4% less), it remains substantial with 28,172,205 messages posted around the event in Doha. Note that the controversy around the armband ‘One Love’ worn by the German Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, seated next to the President of Fifa is the subject of nearly 100,000 messages.

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Volume of social media posts
Volume of publications on social networks © DR Visibrain

The exploits of Saudi Arabia and Japan are turning the world upside down

Already at the heart of the news before the start of the matches after the doubts surrounding the presence of Lionel Messi, Argentina remained at the center of the debates on social networks. Blame it on its inaugural defeat against Saudi Arabia (1-2). It’s simple, the rout of the Albiceleste against the players of Hervé Renard was the highlight of the week at the World Cup with 864,441 tweets published at the final whistle.

Unsurprisingly, the South American selection is the one that reacted the most with just over 2.5 million related messages during the week (2,506,569). A total that is more than double that of Brazil, second with 1,006,224 publications.

Similarly, we find Argentina several times among the popular keywords. May this be Lionel Messi, the match against the Saudis or even the #surprise. Saudi Arabia, who upset Argentina, are the team with the highest growth rate in their community, with a 30% increase in their Twitter followers.

Another resounding surprise of this first (big) week of competition, Japan’s victory against Germany (2-1) caused a lot of talk. The Asian team is the third most talked about on social networks with 927,581 hits. Beyond the performance on the field, Internet users praised the class of the Japanese selection and its supporters for having cleaned the locker rooms and the stands after their exploit.

Giroud’s double ignites the networks, Mbappé star of the Blues

Despite this terrible curse from the defending champion which weighed on them, the Blues signed two first convincing victories during this 2022 World Cup. Australia (4-1). The beautiful evening of Olivier Giroud and his double which allowed him to join Thierry Henry as top scorer of the tricolor selection led to several peaks on social networks.

But that didn’t offer the AC Milan striker the rank of star of the networks. And for good reason, Kylian Mbappé remains the darling of Internet users. Author of three goals since the start of this World Cup, with a decisive double against Denmark (2-1), the PSG player is the Frenchman who has been talked about the most online. With 753,307 publications, the 23-year-old striker is ahead of Olivier Giroud (365,238), the reborn Ousmane Dembélé (149,044) or even Antoine Griezmann (136,371) and Adrien Rabiot (108,206) in the Top 5.

The Top 5 of the Blues on social networks
The Top 5 of the Blues on social networks © DR Visibrain

Richarlison and Brazil feast

The France team is not the only selection to have made a strong impression among the favorites for the final victory. Unsurprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo caused a lot of talk after his converted penalty against Ghana (3-2).

CR7 became the first player to score in five consecutive World Cups, a record goal that led to a peak of 359,644 posts on matchday.

The most shared hashtags about the World Cup in week 2
The most shared hashtags on the World Cup in week 2 © DR Visibrain
The peaks of week 2 at the Mondial 2022 on social networks
The peaks of week 2 at the 2022 World Cup on social networks © DR Visibrain

Ditto for Richarlison with Brazil against Serbia (2-0). By planting a double, the Seleçao striker unleashed social networks. His late scissoring, arguably the best goal of this World Cup after the first two days, rose to third in the top moments of the week after wins over Saudi Arabia and Japan.

The Tottenham striker’s takeover generated 391,888 online posts, even allowing him to take first place in number of interactions on Twitter and YouTube. Lionel Messi’s goal against Mexico, the one that launched the Albiceleste to a capital victory, was a hit on Facebook. See you next Tuesday for the new decryption of this World Cup by RMC Sport and Visibrain.

*Methodology: every week, Visibrain, the social media monitoring platform, analyzes for RMC Sport the data circulating on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube) about the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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2022 World Cup: Saudi and Japanese surprises, the Giroud-Mbappé duo, Richarlison’s scissor… the World Cup seen by social networks

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