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This mobile telephone tower, voluntarily shared by the four operators (Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange and SFR) serves the municipality of Saint-Vaast-Dieppedalle with maximum theoretical speeds of several tens of megabits per second (Mb/s) .

Jean-Noël BARROT, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition and Telecommunications and Michel COMBOT, Director General of the French Federation of Telecoms (FFTélécoms) and the representatives of the mobile telephone operators Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange and SFR inaugurated, in the presence , Bertrand BELLANGER, President of the Departmental Council of Seine-Maritime, Xavier BATUT, Member of Parliament for Seine-Maritime, Sylvain MONNIER, Mayor of Saint-Vaast-Dieppedalle and local elected officials, the 2000th pylon 4G multi-operator mobile Internet access resulting from the “targeted coverage” system of the “New Deal Mobile”.

A few weeks from the 5th anniversary of the signing of the historic New Deal Mobile agreement, this new inauguration marks the symbolic passage of the 2,000 multi-operator 4G pylons built and put into service throughout the territory by the operators under the targeted coverage system of the “New Deal Mobile”. This unprecedented rate of deployment materializes the acceleration of 4G mobile coverage in rural areas.

Concretely since 2018, the Government, the communities, the French Federation of Telecoms and the 4 operators have organized more than 130 inaugurations of 4G mobile sites which make it possible to measure the reality of the deployments to meet the inhabitants of the territories. Consultation and information of elected officials throughout the process is essential: from the identification phase of the area to be covered, through the search for land to the commercial opening of the 4G site.

At the national level, 4G coverage now reaches 93% of the territory and the ambition is to cover the entire territory in 4G by 2027. Of the 5,000 sites to be identified in this program, 3,800 are date and 600 new ones will be in 2023.

The operators have identified several levers to accelerate the pace of deployments and thus guarantee the continuation of the deployments under the New Deal Mobile which are today in the middle of this program:

· Facilitate and reduce delays in electrical connections by giving priority to telecoms in requests made to ENEDIS;

· Adapt deployment rules in coastal municipalities while ensuring the preservation of specific territories;

· Strengthen the penal arsenal against the perpetrators of acts of vandalism and sabotage on the networks which are very detrimental to the daily life of the French people.

Update on mobile coveragee in Seine-Maritime

Seine-Maritime had 1,516 Site (s all operators combined at 1er July 2022 of which 1,500 Site (s equipped with 4G.

Following the implementation of the “New Deal Mobile”, between March 31, 2018 and the 1er July 2022, 607 new sites have thus switched to 4G.

These are also 45 shared 4G pylons which have been identified under the targeted hedging system, including 24 are already built and in service.

List of the 45 shared pylons of the targeted coverage system identified

24 shared pylons from the targeted coverage system located in Seine-Maritime (in yellow) are built and activated in 4G by the four operators. The 21 pylons en blanc will be built by early 2024 to provide 4G coverage for the entire department.

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2,000th multi-operator 4G site of the New Deal Mobile DCC » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

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