how to access the administration of your Internet box?

Do you want to modify your Wi-Fi password, change DNS or even check if there are intruders in the local network? You will need to access the administration interface of your internet box. Whatever your operator, we tell you how to proceed.

You may have missed it during the first configuration by your operator’s technician. But the need to access the administration interface of your internet box will occur relatively frequently. The time will come when it will be necessary to change the Wi-Fi password, modify the DNS addresses directly at the modem, or check who is accessing your network.

Access to the administration panel of all boxes is very simple, but not easy for everyone. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do this on a case-by-case basis. Whether you are at Free, Orange, SFR or even Bouygues Telecomthe process is quite similar. an almost universal IP address

An IP address to remember: This sequence of numbers is essential to access the management interface of most Internet boxes. It’s’address of the Default Gateway for the majority of routers on the market. You have to insert it in the address bar of your web browser. But before, make sure you are well connected to the Wi-Fi of the box or via an Ethernet cable.

How do I access the Orange Livebox administration panel?

Livebox administration at Orange

The process is identical for Livebox 4, 5 or 6. If you are at Orange, here is how to proceed:

  • Enter address Where in the address bar of your web browser
  • Once in the admin interface, enter the Login. If it has never been changed, it is admin
  • Password : the first eight characters of the default WiFi security key. It is located on the back of your Livebox.

How do I access the Freebox administration panel?

Administration Freebox

To access the administration interface of any Freebox, make sure you are connected to the box via WiFi or Ethernet.

  • Enter: mafreebox.freebox.fr in the address bar of your browser then validate.
  • Enter your password to access the administration. You are therefore supposed to have the authentication code.
  • If this is your first login, you need to set a login password to get started. Click on the link First Connection.
  • An authentication message then appears on the Freebox Server box. Press the right arrow of the box to authorize the change of password.
  • Enter your password and click on Login to identify you.

Bouygues Telecom: how to access the Bbox administration panel?

Whatever the model of your Bbox, the interface connection process is the same. Connect to the network of the box via WiFi or wired.

bbox interface
  • Go to address from a web browser or enter the IP address
  • If this is not a first login, you will need to enter the password (which you are supposed to know)
  • If this is a first connection, click on the button Begin the installation to configure the box (including a password).

How to access the SFR box management interface?

The method differs slightly depending on the SFR box you are using. To get started, connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to the box by cable or WiFi.

  • Enter: Where in the address bar of a web browser and validate.
  • Click on Maintenance then Administration. On some models, it is rather Configure your modem » Administration.
  • If asked, press for 5 seconds on the service button of the box to confirm your physical access to the box.
SFR Box connection
  • From this step, you can choose the authentication mode: pressing the service button, password or both.

Finally, note that on some SFR boxes, the IP address does not work. In this case, try instead.

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