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Following the success of the webcam horror film friendless, a slew of horror films depicting the dark side of social media have begun flooding mainstream audiences. In these disturbing films, evil exists on the Internet and the characters are haunted by the World Wide Web. How to expel an evil that has invited itself thanks to technology?

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Horror has a way of turning even the most innocent or simple experiences into benign ones. However, since the internet and social media have become an integral part of modern life, it’s only natural that horror filmmakers use them as a source of terror and entertainment. To deliver the most terrifying techno-horrors, Friend request, Hostand selfie from hell play on new fears such as venturing into the forbidden dark web, being stalked online, and the deadly consequences of social media obsession. After seeing these movies, you might want to wipe your social media forever.

“Friend Request” (2016)

Friend request revolves around a popular student, Laura (Alycia Debnam Carey), who makes the mistake of getting rid of a mysterious girl named Marina (Liesl Ahlers) and invites a demonic presence into his life. When her friends mysteriously die, a frightened Laura has no choice but to find a way to fight this evil.

The list of horror movies on social media cannot be complete without mentioning Friend request. The plot can become predictable at some point as it shares some similarities with slashers like Friday 13, but this gripping horror movie is more than satisfying to watch. While it might sound a bit campy with its idea of ​​a Facebook demon, there are plenty of fun moments and blood, too.

‘Tragedy Girls’ (2017)

Two small-town friends, McKayla Hooper (Brianna Hildebrand) and Sadie Cunningham (Alexandra Shipp) are obsessed with becoming social media stars and resort to murder to entertain their clueless fans. Luckily for them, they capture a serial killer Lowell (Kevin Durand), and commit several brutal murders for their sinister social media page while pinning them on him.

Tyler MacIntyre presents a slasher genre with a modern twist. Tragedy Girls is as dark as slasher movies can get, featuring psychopathic killers, gore, murderous madness, suspense and terror. It’s one of the smartest horror movies with sassy main characters, an entertaining storyline, and fresh ideas that differ from traditional slasher movies. While some may find this horror-comedy funny, it may put off others since these villains show no remorse for their heinous actions and go virtually unpunished.

‘Host’ (2020)

Six friends attempt an online session during their weekly Zoom meeting only to invite a demonic presence into their home.

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A Zoom-based horror film with a well-timed jump scare, non-meandering pacing, and superb acting set it apart from many other modern horrors. Although it was designed during the COVID-19 lockdown, Host is an engrossing film, juggling genuine tension and unsettling scares as every action is played outon a Zoom call. This office horror film will indeed have many viewers hiding under their covers. There is nothing to do.

‘Spree’ (2020)

A lone carpool driver will stop at nothing to become famous online. He hatches a deadly plan to go viral and quickly earns a reputation as the “Rideshare Killer”.

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This is another horror-comedy that satirizes the lengths people will go to to become famous online. It’s disturbing to see sweet Joseph-David Keery of stranger things like a bloodthirsty villain. Nevertheless, his presence in the film is one of the reasons many people love him.

‘Cam’ (2018)

Alice (Madeleine Brewer), a cam girl, discovers that a lookalike has hijacked her followers, and she must find out who the lookalike is to regain access to her account.

In addition to giving viewers a glimpse into the world of cam girls, Daniel GoldhaberThe psychological horror movie is expertly woven to have a great blend of sci-fi and the supernatural. Many fans have compared it to Black Swan, but with a cyber twist and cam girls. It’s pretty scary and perfectly captures what it’s like to be obsessed with getting a status rank online or obsessing over numbers. Although the film is great, some viewers may find the ending unsatisfying.

‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ (2017)

A group of friends discover a laptop that has access to the dark web, where they watch a series of disturbing videos of people who appear to be in danger. Shortly after, they receive anonymous messages informing them that they will all die if they log out or call the police. The fun night suddenly turns to horror as they die one by one while others watch in terror.

The only similarity between this independent sequel to friendless and the first frankness is that they both happen on laptop screens. Stephen Susco manages to craft a cruel and unsettling film that offers a dark look at how terrifying the internet age can be.

‘Selfie from Hell’ (2018)

An online vlogger from Germany, Julia (Melah Adams), visits his cousin Hannah (Alyson Walker) in the United States to get sick. Hannah scours the internet to find the cause of the strange disease, only to discover an inaccessible site on the dark web. His seemingly normal house turns into a haunted house.

People who love horror movies with lots of jumps will definitely love this, as it offers insight into the terrifying world of the dark web. However, the movie is a bit formulaic and it’s hard for some viewers to fully appreciate it. Nonetheless, it does a great job of warning people to stay away from the dark web, as bad things are bound to happen when they venture there.

‘Initiation’ (2020)

A fraternity party that begins innocently quickly turns bloody when a star athlete is found impaled in his dorm. Soon bodies begin to appear on campus as a killer wearing a metal mask picks out and kills frat boys and sorority girls.

Initiation intersects the tropes of slasher-horror and crime-thriller to deliver a gripping story. It paves the way for modern horror slashers by incorporating new elements such as social media bullying, women’s rights, and more. This slasher movie is more than just a horror movie for horror’s sake; it takes its time to develop the characters and the storyline.

“Like Me” (2017)

In Like mea teenager desperate for human relations embarks on a killing spree that she broadcasts on social networks.

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The color-soaked cinematography mixed with outstanding character portrayal by the actors and the inventiveness of the kills are sure to spawn plenty in this disturbing serial killer tale. that of Kiya (Addison Timlin) The depiction of millennial isolation reflects the dark side of trying so hard to be relevant online.

‘Ratter’ (2015)

A young graduate student living alone in New York City is tormented by a hacker who stalks her through all of her tech devices. When the video streams aren’t enough, he goes from virtual to physical stalker.

to chatter manages to induce real-life panic and fear by focusing solely on prowling online. Shot through the lens of a webcam, cell phone, swing camera and other devices, this home invasion horror is chillingly realistic. This cyber-horror short is quite different from movies of its type in that it doesn’t rely on gore or violence to tell the story. There’s enough suspense to make it terrifying.

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