1 Gb/s Internet and 4K TV decoder: this fiber box is on sale at -60%

Internet fiber at the price of ADSL? This is what Bouygues Telecom is currently offering with its Bbox Must 1 Gb/s at a price of 15.99 euros per month for one year.

With near 32 million premises covered by fiber in France (FTTH), it is very likely that you can claim a fast connection in your accommodation. The deployment of fiber has accelerated in France, and the price of subscriptions has logically fallen. This is currently the case at Bouygues Telecom.

For a limited period, the internet service provider lowers the price of its Bbox Must subscription at 15.99 euros per month for a year. A Bbox which has the advantage of offering excellent speeds if your line allows it. You can quickly test your line from the ISP’s site.


What does the Bbox Must allow?

Bouygues Telecom’s Bbox Must is a particularly complete offer that will suit the vast majority of users.

First, this fiber offer provides speeds of up to 1 Gb/s for downloading, and 700 Mb/s for uploading. Very generous speeds, which are equally suitable for playing competitive online games, downloading heavy files, or watching 4K videos in streaming.

Also, the Bbox Must contains, at no additional cost, a 4K TV decoder. This gives access to more than 180 television channels, as well as a 100-hour TV recorder. You’ll never miss an episode of your favorite series again. It also integrates the Google Assistant and Google Cast, to send content from your smartphone to the TV, wirelessly.

Finally, and even if it is less and less essential, the Bbox Must allows unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, and to landlines in more than 110 countries. You just have to connect a phone to the back of your box to enjoy it.

bbox must offer

What is the price of the Bbox Must?

The Bbox Must subscription is currently at -60% for one year. Concretely, this means that the offer comes back to you at the price of 15.99 euros the first year, before going to 40.99 euros. The commitment is for one year.

Subscribing to Bbox Must also entitles you to a monthly discount of 5 euros on Sensation mobile plans with the operator’s Smartphone Benefits.

Finally, Bouygues Telecom is also offering 6 months of Spotify Premium subscriptions to those who have never used the service.

How to subscribe to the Bbox Must?

Switching from one access provider to another has become much easier. As with a mobile plan, the RIO identifier comes to the rescue to relieve you of administrative tasks.

Fill it in when subscribing to Bbox Must to keep the same landline number, and automatically cancel your old subscription. Bouygues Telecom also undertakes to reimburse up to 100 euros on your termination costs.

Then, a technician will intervene free of charge to connect your home to the Bouygues Telecom fiber. If your internet connection were to be cut, the operator applies a “guaranteed internet” policy. Either by providing you with a 4G key to use at home, or by injecting an additional data envelope into your plan if you are a Bouygues Telecom mobile customer.

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1 Gb/s Internet and 4K TV decoder: this fiber box is on sale at -60%

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