▷ 4 simple steps to generate leads on your website

The lead generation (or leads), this is the #1 goal of most B2B marketers. You certainly have visitors on your website, but if you don’t know who they are, it’s impossible to start a conversation with them and therefore convert them into customers!

To generate leads, your website is your main asset. While the majority of your actions (advertising, SEO, social networks, etc.) aim to bring your target to your site, it is essential that it be able to convert them. We will find out how in this article.

1. Add forms to your website

The form is the tool that allows you to capture information from your prospects. No form, no lead.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to add forms to your site: contact request, demo request, downloading a sales brochure, downloading a webinar replay, etc.

The most common are contact and quote requests, and are the most to implement, as they do not require the creation of additional content. But the more you vary the forms, the more leads you generate!

But how do you get visitors to fill them out?

First, your form should be simple and aesthetically pleasing. Forget too long and discouraging forms for your prospects. The idea is not to ask them all their information at once. It is better to collect them gradually to enrich our leads.

The outcome after filling should be clear to your visitors. Will they receive a message? Do they have to wait for a phone call?

Finally, consider creating an automatic response message that prospects will receive by email once your form is completed.

This can be a simple confirmation, stating that their request has been taken into account, or an email to send the requested content and suggest additional articles.

Which tool to create forms?

If you want to start collecting leads by creating your first forms for free, you can use Plezi Onewhich will allow you to easily create and publish your first forms on your website, by creating automatic follow-up messages.

Plezi One also makes it possible to follow the prospects generated, to understand their history and their centers of interest, in order to be able to take over easily.

2. Publish content in exchange for contact information

Quote or contact forms will allow you to generate leads, of course, but mainly leads that are already ready to buy.

How to reach undecided prospects?

For this, it is necessary to vary the opportunities for collecting information, and this can be done by creating premium content.

Premium content is content with high added value, which is offered free of charge in exchange for the visitor’s contact information as part of a demand-generation strategy. They are sometimes called leads magnets : literally, lead magnets.

Basically: to access premium content, you have to fill out a form.

There are many types of premium content that can be published on our site in order to generate leads.

Among these we have:

  • a white paper dealing in detail with an interesting subject for your potential client
  • a webinar replay
  • a customizable template
  • a client case testifying to your expertise
  • a checklist

Don’t have time to create content?

Don’t panic, you probably already have some without knowing it! You can use :

  • A commercial brochure : why not convert a product page quickly to PDF format? This makes it content that you can make available to your prospects on your website.
  • One or more articles in PDF format : Do you have a long blog post or several articles on the same subject? Convert them to PDF and offer it for download in exchange for an email.

Also consider recycling your existing content. For example, you can offer a video replay of one of your presentations at a trade show or add a downloadable checklist to an article on the steps to follow.

Once this premium content is created, add upload forms to your site to start generating new leads.

3. Create blog posts to highlight your premium content

Now that your premium content is ready to generate leads, you still need to make it as visible as possible on your site.

For this, the creation of blog articles will be your best ally.

How to create effective articles?

For a successful content strategy, you will need to address each stage of the marketing funnel:

  • Discovery:
    • Your content must answer the question: “what problem does my company answer?”
    • It’s about roughing out the main concepts of your core business to know what we’re talking about, what are the issues and problems of your prospects.
  • Evaluation
    • Your content must answer the question: “how does my company respond to this problem?”
    • We explain how we can respond to these problems/issues, we talk about our features.
  • Purchase :
    • Your content must answer the question: “why can our company help you better than our competitors?”.
    • We must assert our difference and reassure our prospects about our ability to meet their needs with reassurance elements such as customer cases, webinars, etc.

By knowing your personas well, you will be able to better understand what answers to give them and how. Also start from your premium content and ask yourself what related topics can be covered to highlight this content.

4. Add call-to-actions to your articles

CTAs are key to converting our visitors into leads. It is a button, or a visual element, encouraging Internet users browsing your website to click to obtain a demo (“I request a demo”) or content (“Get the guide”).

Example of CTA used on the Plezi site

Try to put a CTA in each of your articles. A few ideas if you are just starting out:

  • you can insert a CTA to download your commercial brochure or make a contact request in all the articles where you talk about your product and/or service;
  • you can create a CTA to upload your white paper or complementary content in all articles that partly talk about this same topic.

The more downloadable resources you have, the more you can vary the CTAs and have the right resource to offer in each article, and therefore generate leads more easily!

Plezi One, the free tool to generate leads on your website

To facilitate each of these steps, you can create your free account on Plezi One.

This tool lets you create automated forms and understand where your leads are coming from, what they’re doing on your site, and when they’re coming back. This will allow you to discover what motivates your prospects: their favorite content, how they found you, what they are looking for.

Reports on your site’s conversion and SEO will also help you identify areas for improvement and opportunities to seize to attract more visitors and, ultimately, more prospects.

So, ready to take action?

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▷ 4 simple steps to generate leads on your website

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