YouTube: find the best moments in videos at a glance

YouTube deploys several features for its interface: the ability to go to the most watched moments of a video, loop playback of a video, etc.

You will be able to see what are the most watched moments on a video // Source: YouTube

Youtube announces several new features for its video player. Among other things, you will be able to see the most reviewed parts of a video, access to chapters on televisions and consoleswatch a video on a loop, etc.

What are the most reviewed parts of a video?

YouTube will allow you to see at a glance the most frequently reviewed parts of a video, those where Internet users have returned. This will display as a graphic just above the red progress bar when you decide to go further in a video or rewind. What to quickly find these moments and perhaps to dodge the blabla of youtubers or advertising inserts in videos (NorthVPN and RAID: Shadow Legendswe see you).

A feature that had been tested, but is available ” from todayon desktop and mobile. For the moment, we have not been able to access it, just like our colleagues fromAndroid Central.

Access different chapters of a video on TVs and consoles

So far, if you were watching a YouTube video on your TV or console, the chapters were indeed displayed. However, it was impossible to go to a specific chapter automatically: you just had to advance the video as far as you wanted. YouTube now solves this problem two years after the arrival of the chapters. A feature that has been used on 20 million videos; chapters can now isre-generated automatically and viewed on more devices“.

YouTube takes the opportunity to encourage its creators to add chapters to their videos. But at Frandroidwe are already doing it!

Watching a video on a loop is now possible

YouTube is launching the ” Single Loop» : it plays a video in a loop automatically. It is available on computer, android, iPhone and iPad. However, it will not be available on YouTube Go, since Google will remove the application.

The “Single Loop” function // Source: YouTube

Go directly to the parts of a video that interest us

YouTube is starting a test phase for a new feature: it allows you to “find the exact moment of a video you want to watch“. The subscribers YouTube-Premium should be the first to see her land.

You can go to the part of a video that interests you // Source: YouTube

If YouTube pushes the chapters on its videos, especially for the longest ones, the platform adopts a double strategy by also pushing its Shorts and think about putting some publicity in them. The online video site is currently testing Dolby Surround 5.1 on Google TV/Android TV.

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YouTube: find the best moments in videos at a glance

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